Where’d you go?!

I’m switching up my comments page so that I can individually reply to all of your comments and somehow all of my comments disappeared! Insert Snooki’s “waaaaaah!” here! So sad. Good thing I have all your comments on my berry. I will respond- I promise! It will just be like the good old snail mail post where you have to wait for days to get a response.
In better news- I did some inclines on the t-mill with the help of my fabulous friend Janae@ Hungry Runner Girl. I took her advice and started with the biggest hill first and the smallest hill last. It was hard but I liked it! I’m use to gradually making my way up to that HUGE hill but it’s always so good to switch up your workout so that your muscles don’t get into a routine.
Here’s how I  conquered those hills:

My favourite power song was this old school jam. (I seriously had to control myself from doing the hammer dance on the t-mill)

I’m starting to get knee pain from switching from t-mill to outdoor running. I’m just not use to the pavement anymore. So, I’m gradually getting back to it. But with all that snow falling I don’t think I will be running outside. Yep, my wimp side is back.

And then I went to have a shower and my flip flops, shampoo, conditioner, and body cleanser weren’t even in my bag! Insert another Snooki “waaaaaaaaah!” here! 

So, I just had to shower when I got home. Yes, I left stinky.

The Cardio Playlist

*On jukebox shuffle

More (RedOne Jimmy Joker Remix)- Usher

Just A Dream- Nelly

Alors on danse (Extended Remix)- Stromae

1901- Phoenix
Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)- C+C Music Factory
Boom Boom Pow- Black Eyed Peas
U + Ur Hand= P!nk
Burning Love- Elvis

Cool down/ Stretching

Heartbreak Down- P!nk

Stats of the Run

Distance: 7.06 km
Pace: 4:23 min/km

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Hot in Herre

Friends, I did it. My second outdoor run in February. There was ice. There was snow. And I even remembered to bring my camera! (Which is attached to my phone and I really should have my phone on me at all times in case I roll my ankle. Just like that time when I hit the ground and was 4km away from home- whoops!) I ran into those huge ice chunks under a bridge again! As I was walking so carefully over the ice, I met a new running friend and we bonded over trying not to fall. I wonder if she heard me take a picture of her as she ran away? I hope she doesn’t think I’m crazy! But we all know she would be right.  

My new running friend who conquered the ice!

 I would like to thank the icy conditions for slowing down my pace. I don’t know if you noticed this or not but I can be pretty clumsy. So, I wanted to make sure I didn’t hit any black ice along the way.

I accidentally put my entire ipod on shuffle during this run. The danger with that is coming across songs that you don’t want to listen to. But the fun in it is that you have NO idea what is coming next. I went with it but I’m not gonna lie- I pressed “next” quite a few times. I think my favourite song that came up was Nelly’s “Hot in Herre.” I mean- I’m surrounded by ice and snow and this man is singing to me about getting so hot that I want to take my clothes off. Hilarious and fun.

Post run I made myself a PB Smoothie. SO DELICIOUS! I got my yummy protein from the PB, my selenium from my soy milk, and potassium from my banana. How perfect?! I wanted to show you a picture of my smoothie but I really wanted it as soon as it was made and forgot to take a picture. So, here’s my empty glass: 

 You’re just going to have to believe that it looked as good as it tasted!

The Shuffle Playlist
*My entire ipod on jukebox shuffle

What the Hell- Avril Lavigne
Just- Mark Ronson feat. Alex Grenwald
Getting Better- The Beatles
Soundsystem- Michael Franti & Spearhead
Move Along- The All-American Rejects
Grenade- Bruno Mars
Don’t Lie- Black Eyed Peas

Electric Feel- MGMT
Hot in Herre- Nelly
Little Lion Man- Mumford & Sons

Stats of the Run
Distance: 10.17 km
Pace: 4:36 min/km

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Break the Ice.

You aren’t gonna believe this but I went out for a run for the first time with snow on the ground. It’s true. The wimp who doesn’t like running in the winter did it! Here’s the reason why: it was 10 degrees and the snow was melting. Yep, I’m still a wimp.

But it feels so good to know that the warm weather and spring runs are on their way! And I was REALLY excited to take my new Lululemon Stride Jacket out for a test run! I’ve been prepping my spring running gear for my upcoming races and as you know, my favourite pieces are from lulu! I’m pretty sure all the sales associates know that too because when I got to the lulu fitting room I was greeted with, “Hi! It’s good to see you! What’s your name again?.. Oh! Siobhan, right!” It was just like cheers. And I love it. Everyone is just so nice, helpful, and make you feel like you are visiting friends when you go to their stores!

I really loved running in my Stride Jacket. The thumbholes are key. The pockets are perfect. And the neckwarmer- genius! No complaints from this girl! 
I really wish I brought a camera on my run so that I could show you all the fun things I saw during my run. I was going to run home and get my camera but I was having a nice pace and feeling pretty fantastic so, I just kept going.
I wanted to do a park run and I knew there was going to be puddles and bridge floods because of all the
melted snow but I decided I would tackle those when I got to them. And- I did. I ran through mud, jumped over puddles, sunk my feet into mushy grass, and switched up to a street run because of the flooded bridges. It was quite the adventure and my shoes got very dirty! The hardest part of this run? Running against the strong winds. I felt like I was doing resistance training and using every muscle in my body to try not to blow away. But the coolest part of my run was going under a bridge where there were huge ice chunks that made me feel like a penguin trying to jump from sea ice to sea ice.
I’m hoping for more beauty runs outside like this one soon! The only downside was stopping at lights when I had to take the streets.
I decided to run to some Britney today after watching the debut of her new music video, “Hold It Against Me.” She’s fierce and I love it!
The Britney: The Singles Collection Playlist
*On jukebox shuffle
Hold It Against Me
I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman
Piece of Me
I’m A Slave For You
Break the Ice
(You Drive Me) Crazy
Stats of the Run
Distance: 8.34 km
Pace: 4:33 min/km
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Manned up and headed for the hills.

I had a date with my t-mill and we decided to do some hills. As you know, hills on a t-mill scare me. I have this fear that the incline might get too high and I won’t be able to keep up with the speed. And I can really visualize myself falling off of mister t-mill just like in those home videos. Embarrassing, right? It would happen to me. I would put money on it.

I manned up and headed for the hills anyways.

I forgot to go in with a game plan on how many km’s I would do per incline (again) so I winged it.

And it felt really good! Minus the fact that mr. t-mill did not give me any roses, chocolate, or jewellery. I know, I wish he did. Instead I visualized my peanut butter cups over the hill. And they tasted sooooo good when I ate them!

I was really indecisive picking my playlist for today so I went with my go-to playlist. The one I need when the motivation just doesn’t seem there.

The Running Favs Playlist
**On jukebox shuffle
Black or White- Michael Jackson
For The Girl- The Fratellis
I’m Running- Misstress Barbara feat. Sam Roberts
Sex On Fire- Kings of Leon
Banquet- Bloc Party
Pump It- Black Eyed Peas
Use Your Love- Katy Perry
Little Secrets- Passion Pit
All Dressed In Love- Jennifer Hudson
Magnificent (Fred Falke Full Club Mix)- U2

Stats of the Run
Distance: 9 km
Pace: 4:22 min/km

Good Luck to all my POWER CHEER TORONTO COBRAS competing in Atlanta today!! I’m sending all of my positive vibes for you to get your BID to WORLDS!!

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