Running Plan: May 2017

Running Planning

It feels good to go back and reflect on where your training started, where you started to slip, how you picked yourself back up again and where you are going.

January and February started pretty solid. I was finding my way back into a regular training program and building my cardio back up. Then March happened, I slipped and headed out to Mexico for #springbreak. In April, the weather was not as beautiful as Mexico and I didn’t want to head out for runs in the cool weather and lived in slack city. May is here. The weather is picking up and I have a spring in my step. The goal was to pick my running back up and pace a friend through the Sporting Life 10K. I ended up falling back in love with the sport – recap to come!

Sporting Life 10K Finishers

So now, with my running spark back, I’m looking to the next 20 weeks of training and I’m excited about it. The most humbling part is that I am not as fast as I use to be. Interval  runs are going to be my new best friend, long runs, easy runs, weight training and stretching are all coming back. In any training plan, it’s important to have short term and long term goals. My short term is running the Toronto Waterfront 10K and my long term goal is to run a sub 1:50 half-marathon. It gives me something to work towards and I will continue to push myself to be a #goalgetter.

It’s also important to be honest with yourself and look at how much you have run in 2017 – even if it hurts a little to see the real numbers. The only way to get better is to beat who you were yesterday. I like to keep a monthly calendar so I can see my daily progress. It feels good to check off when you’ve crushed a workout and remind yourself that you are killing it.

Bring on the next 20 weeks – I’m ready for it!

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