Friday’s Confession: What is S&M?

Sometimes I think I’m seriously uncool. Like those times when I always spill something on myself:

The Coffee Incident

The Spinach Soup Incident

 But friends, this confession just might take the cake. After singing along to Rihanna a hundred times and having dance offs to B and Rih’s remix of S&M I asked myself, what does S&M mean?! I know right. Everyone probably already knows the answer to that question or will gom “ahhhh yes!” By the end of this post.

I obviously had to google it. You know you have hit the height of cool when you google to know what the pop culture terms mean. I looked to my friend

And then everything made sense. I also felt pretty ridiculous for not knowing that sooner and I had to listen to the remix a few more times and hardcore dance break to it and then listen to it again as I set out for a tempo 8K run.

I’d like to think other people are hanging out in the same yacht as me but, I’m probably sailing alone.

To everyone in BOSTON this weekend– have an amazing run! I wish I was there. Here’s another confession, I’m getting pretty jealous of everyone’s sweet Boston Marathon 2011 jackets:

Is that a good enough reason to BQ?!

Have a fabulous weekend friends!

FULL CD Listening Party?!

So, I might be living under a rock and I just found AOL’s Full CD Listening Party where you can listen to new full albums!?

This news definitely called for a second posting of the day and a dance party to Britney’s New Album Femme Fatale at my desk. YES, please!

My CD’s on deck this morning:

Britney Spears “Femme Fatale”

Jennifer Hudson’s “I Remember Me”

What does everyone think of these albums? And was I the only person who didn’t know about this website?
It’s AHHH-MAAAAY-ZING! Hello, new running tunes!

Break the Ice.

You aren’t gonna believe this but I went out for a run for the first time with snow on the ground. It’s true. The wimp who doesn’t like running in the winter did it! Here’s the reason why: it was 10 degrees and the snow was melting. Yep, I’m still a wimp.

But it feels so good to know that the warm weather and spring runs are on their way! And I was REALLY excited to take my new Lululemon Stride Jacket out for a test run! I’ve been prepping my spring running gear for my upcoming races and as you know, my favourite pieces are from lulu! I’m pretty sure all the sales associates know that too because when I got to the lulu fitting room I was greeted with, “Hi! It’s good to see you! What’s your name again?.. Oh! Siobhan, right!” It was just like cheers. And I love it. Everyone is just so nice, helpful, and make you feel like you are visiting friends when you go to their stores!

I really loved running in my Stride Jacket. The thumbholes are key. The pockets are perfect. And the neckwarmer- genius! No complaints from this girl! 
I really wish I brought a camera on my run so that I could show you all the fun things I saw during my run. I was going to run home and get my camera but I was having a nice pace and feeling pretty fantastic so, I just kept going.
I wanted to do a park run and I knew there was going to be puddles and bridge floods because of all the
melted snow but I decided I would tackle those when I got to them. And- I did. I ran through mud, jumped over puddles, sunk my feet into mushy grass, and switched up to a street run because of the flooded bridges. It was quite the adventure and my shoes got very dirty! The hardest part of this run? Running against the strong winds. I felt like I was doing resistance training and using every muscle in my body to try not to blow away. But the coolest part of my run was going under a bridge where there were huge ice chunks that made me feel like a penguin trying to jump from sea ice to sea ice.
I’m hoping for more beauty runs outside like this one soon! The only downside was stopping at lights when I had to take the streets.
I decided to run to some Britney today after watching the debut of her new music video, “Hold It Against Me.” She’s fierce and I love it!
The Britney: The Singles Collection Playlist
*On jukebox shuffle
Hold It Against Me
I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman
Piece of Me
I’m A Slave For You
Break the Ice
(You Drive Me) Crazy
Stats of the Run
Distance: 8.34 km
Pace: 4:33 min/km
Need a Saturday activity?!  I suggest throwing on your leopard Snuggie and voting for me at BEST HEALTH MAGAZINE’S BLOG AWARDS HERE!


Boot Camp My Way To The Sporting Life 10K!

So, I started a new class to keep up my cross-training in the winter: Boot Camp. And I may have just fallen in love. My instructor is fierce and she knows how to kick-butt– I LOVE IT! Looks like I will be lifting weights more then I thought- Kelly Ripa and Michelle Obama, waaaatch out! My arms are gonna look like yours very soon! My friends use to rave to me about this hardcore workout but I never jumped on their bandwagon… until now. Annnd– another BFF jumped onto my running soul train! SO excited!! Meet my newest running BFF (I LOVE saying that! And I love saying love– have you noticed?!) Here’s my two newest running BFF’s:

My Running BFF’s: Shan, Me, and Tasha

If you will notice this image is very similar to my previous post image of my newest running BFF. I like to call this, “the night my friends became crazy runners like myself!” And this just in, Tasha and I have just signed up for the Sporting Like 10K in Toronto on May 1st, 2011! (Shan– it’s your turn to make it official! *wink*wink* I’m about to go and make your training schedule…) I’m SO excited! And I hear more bff’s might be joining in on the fun! (YA! YA! YAAAA!)

Get pumped with this preview:

My first official registration has been made for the season– the countdown is on!

And in t-minus 1 hour and 5 minutes Brit’s new single will be on iTunes… yep, you guessed it! The countdown is totes on for that too!

Haven’t heard it? Check it out HERE!