Friday’s Confession: What is S&M?

Sometimes I think I’m seriously uncool. Like those times when I always spill something on myself:

The Coffee Incident

The Spinach Soup Incident

 But friends, this confession just might take the cake. After singing along to Rihanna a hundred times and having dance offs to B and Rih’s remix of S&M I asked myself, what does S&M mean?! I know right. Everyone probably already knows the answer to that question or will gom “ahhhh yes!” By the end of this post.

I obviously had to google it. You know you have hit the height of cool when you google to know what the pop culture terms mean. I looked to my friend

And then everything made sense. I also felt pretty ridiculous for not knowing that sooner and I had to listen to the remix a few more times and hardcore dance break to it and then listen to it again as I set out for a tempo 8K run.

I’d like to think other people are hanging out in the same yacht as me but, I’m probably sailing alone.

To everyone in BOSTON this weekend– have an amazing run! I wish I was there. Here’s another confession, I’m getting pretty jealous of everyone’s sweet Boston Marathon 2011 jackets:

Is that a good enough reason to BQ?!

Have a fabulous weekend friends!

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