Look Beyond Imperfections.

Days can’t always go as you want them to. That’s what makes them exciting. Sometimes you will have a lot of energy to give and sometimes you will not have any energy at all. But you always know that if you go out and run you will come home with more energy and motivation.

Sundays are my long run days. And Sundays are apparently the worst weather days of the week in Toronto lately. Awesome. Yesterday I wanted to do my 18K run. I knew it was going to rain but it wasn’t going to thunderstorm so, I could still go out and run. Too bad the winds were so strong that I would have blown away even if I even attempted to get out. Even though I was told, “just don’t bring an umbrella and you will be fine!” I laughed and just didn’t go.

Sometimes life happens and you have to rearrange your day or your schedule. The problem for me is that I’m a perfectionist. And not only am I perfectionist but I am a keener. If I have plans and activities that I want to do– I have to do them all. I pretty much stretch myself thin and put a tonne of pressure on myself for no reason at all. If something goes wrong, I can’t just brush it off anymore. I get worked up about it and feel that I shouldn’t make mistakes. But really, why does it matter? I’ve come to the realization that the only person who really cares is myself. And if I’m the only one putting all of this unnecessary pressure on myself, I am going to send myself to the crazy house. Some would say that I am already there. Just kidding! Not really, I am a little cra-cra, but I’m no LiLo!

So my latest goal is to keep calm and carry on when a tiny bump shows up throughout my day.

And isn’t it amazing how laughing can just make everything better? Your mood just automatically changes when you can laugh at a situation instead of drive yourself crazy and think of ways that you could have avoided the mistake. And really, who wants to be a around a gloom cloud who can’t handle imperfections?

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