Friday’s Confession: Bad Race Photos.

I take HORRIBLE race day photos. And I like to think that it’s not me, it’s the TMZ camera guys who are hiding out in the trees who manage to take your picture at your worst. Celebrities, I feel your pain.

For your viewing pleasure, you get to see me at my worst. I got my Harry photos in an e-mail yesterday with 4 images. 3 out of the 4 I wasn’t even in. So, this is the one professional beauty I got:

Could I be any less attractive? Seriously. What am I doing and why are my eyes closed AGAIN?! For my next race, the Sporting Like 10K, my goal is to get at least one nice professional photo of myself. This may mean I have to smile and look up the entire time. Maybe even hold my hand up as if I am waving or giving someone a high five? I will get the perfect photo during the next race. I will start that training tonight.

And just because this is Friday’s Confession, I’m about to share with you two of the worst photos from the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon. Be warned: I’m even embarrassed of these photos.

I know, They’re awful. And I look like I’m about to pass out. But let’s be honest, a race that starts at 10pm means that I should have been in bed by the time the race ended. So, it was siesta time in my mind.

On a brighter note, yesterday I ran within my goal pace and did a 5K at an average of 5:10 min/km followed by an awesome kettle bell class. My muscles are loving me from the high intensity weight workout! Kelly Ripa’s biceps- eat your heart out!

And tonight I get to learn how to use my “interval workout” option on my Garmin. Yes, I do need all the luck I can get.    

I still can’t believe I just shared those race photos with you. At least I didn’t buy these photos because then I would have to tell you that these are my “bad paid for photos.” And that would be more embarrassing. Right? Maybe I’m just trying to make myself feel better. Either way, I am the worst for taking race pictures… You’re welcome!

Make My Day!

I love when little things take your mind off the fact that you feel the flu coming on and just make your day that much brighter. The first was when I went onto the Harry’s Spring Run Off website to see if the pictures were available yet. Yes, I did sign up for the e-mail to notify me when they are ready but I just might be a little eager to see if they actually got a good shot of me. While I was on the home page, I noticed that there was a scrolling slide show of 6 images from this years race and yours truly was in one of them! Get ready for another “I sing with my eyes closed” picture:

I was actually just trying to avoid hitting the Sasquatch and tripping over the fur. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! You can see it in full action HERE.

Another fun part of my day was Boot Camp. I seriously love this class. And I love that my instructor appreciates my enthusiastic yelling. We did a relay race- how could I stay quiet?! And then I decided to sign up with my sister for the Oasis Zoo Run 10K and my boot camp gals might be coming along too! I’m trying to convince mumsy to do the 10K instead of the 5K- I think she’ll be ready by then. My only concern is being distracted by my favourite animal:


Another fun part of my day was coming home from my Boot Camp class and seeing my friend Craig blog about me. It’s always so nice to hear good things being said about yourself that you don’t hear everyday. If you haven’t checked out Craig’s blog D I X O N F O M A– do it. Not just because I’m on it but because he’s amazing- you’ll see what I mean.

As for that Garmin, I’m still working on it. I’m starting to understand it now and I think I just might be able to run with my newest gadget. Maybe not tonight because I really want to kick these flu symptoms out of my system so, I might make today a rest day.

Completely Garmin Clueless!

Yesterday, I woke up with the BIGGEST headache. It was so bad that I had to take Tylenol after my breakfast. I am not the pill popping kind of girl either. And I felt the dreaded flu coming on. I was exhausted and my muscles were still achy from the Harry race. My glutes loved the workout they got on those hills. They loved it so much that they made me walk funny because they were in that “great workout makes for a good pain” kind of mood. And I even got blisters on the arches of my feet. I’m nice enough to not show you those battle scars.

And the rumours are true. I made the big purchase and bought the Garmin Forerunner 405CX! I love Costco prices!

The only thing was when I tried to get it working, I realized that technology hates me. Throw in a sickness and you get one grumpy girl.

This is what my desk looked like trying to figure it all out:

My brain looked like that big of a mess too. My sister told me it was easy. I think I just need to play around with it some more or get technology skills. One of the two.

I finally got my Garmin charged and the programs loaded onto my computer. After that miracle, I just wanted my bed and some Extra Strength Lemon Flavoured NeoCitran.

Now today’s task is to read about how to use it on a run. Here’s to hoping that I’m not completely clueless with that task!

Harry’s Spring Run Off Recap!

It was such a perfect day for a run! The sun was shining, it was 8 degrees, and the wind came at all the right times during the race. Not so strong to blow me over and just enough to cool me down. Perfect.

I got to my sister’s flat with my race kit waiting for me:

After digging inside to find all of my snacks, I attached my race bibb to myself and got all suited up. Just like Barney Stinson. After a cup of coffee we took our warm up walk over to High Park:
Julia, Ken, Mumsy, and Dad

I’ve never actually introduced you to my dad and now he is going to be like the neighbour on Home Improvement where you never see his face because it is always blocked by something. It’s ok, you’ll meet him someday. In the meantime, here he is walking behind Ken! This was going to be my dad’s first race too but he popped his knee playing soccer last week and now he is kind of gimpy. But- my dad made excellent photographers!

On the way to our corrals we took a group shot before the race started. Don’t worry we all took our cell phones so that we wouldn’t get lost like the Wine and Dine race in Disney. Lesson Learned.

Julia, me, and mumsy

Along the way to the corrals, I ended up running into two of my old cheerleading coaches who are also crazy runners. They were there cheering on another cheer coach/runnermama at the gym. I love that! I also ended up seeing them at the 4K mark and then again at the last 200m. It was hearing them yell to me that there were only 200m left that made that killer hill worth sprinting the rest of the way for. Have I told you how much I love the cheer section along the sidelines at races? They are ahh-may-zing! The high fives and the encouragement is just so contagious!

One of my favourite action shots is of Julia. I mean look at this beauty:

Why can’t I get pictures like that?! Instead I get the ones where I am attempting to drink water:

It looks normal, right? Well, this is where I didn’t smush my cup in half to easily drink water and I ended up splashing my entire face with water. Look at the guy holding the cup of water at the far right- he’s laughing at me. And just so you know I’m not lying, here I am wiping the water off my face and hoping my make-up didn’t melt and give me raccoon eyes:

And yes, that guy on the far right is still laughing at me. Awesome! I’ll show him with this action shot of me with my eyes closed:

After crossing the hilly hilly finish line– I mean seriously, who puts a huge incline at the last 400m mark? That was just mean! I got my medal and hat; took out my cell to figure out where my fam jam was happening.
We even had enough time to escort mumsy to her first start line to begin her 5K!
Her ipod was loaded with some awesome tunes and she was ready to rock it. Lucky for her, it was warm enough for her to loose her jacket!
After the first km we caught this beauty of a picture. Look how happy she is:

And then on the last 400m we got an action shot of her going up the dreaded incline:

I was so proud to cheer her on crossing the finish line.

It was an awesome day for a run and we got the finishers picture that we were all excited for- Me and Julia with our 8K medals, and Nancy Love with her 5K:

On our walk leaving High Park, we decided that we had our Harry hats on and should take a picture with those as well:

Post race we went back to Julia’s and made a big pancake breakfast with eggs, bacon, chocolate milk, and coffee. It was deeelicious!

And the something sparkly I said I would wear for Tin? Well, I made a sequin tie but it was hard to see in the pictures:

After going back to Julia’s and seeing her Garmin 405CX in full action– I knew I needed one. I tried it on and it even fit my tiny wrist. A Cinderella Story?! I would say, yes.

I may have gone to Costco after the race to buy one:

More on that story later!

Stats of the Run
Distance: 8K
Time: 41:02
Age Category Place: 16 15/261
Gender Place: 84/1129

A personal best! Well, I knew that going in because it was my first 8K race ever. I think I will be making the Harry Race a yearly event. I literally loved everything about it!