Make My Day!

I love when little things take your mind off the fact that you feel the flu coming on and just make your day that much brighter. The first was when I went onto the Harry’s Spring Run Off website to see if the pictures were available yet. Yes, I did sign up for the e-mail to notify me when they are ready but I just might be a little eager to see if they actually got a good shot of me. While I was on the home page, I noticed that there was a scrolling slide show of 6 images from this years race and yours truly was in one of them! Get ready for another “I sing with my eyes closed” picture:

I was actually just trying to avoid hitting the Sasquatch and tripping over the fur. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! You can see it in full action HERE.

Another fun part of my day was Boot Camp. I seriously love this class. And I love that my instructor appreciates my enthusiastic yelling. We did a relay race- how could I stay quiet?! And then I decided to sign up with my sister for the Oasis Zoo Run 10K and my boot camp gals might be coming along too! I’m trying to convince mumsy to do the 10K instead of the 5K- I think she’ll be ready by then. My only concern is being distracted by my favourite animal:


Another fun part of my day was coming home from my Boot Camp class and seeing my friend Craig blog about me. It’s always so nice to hear good things being said about yourself that you don’t hear everyday. If you haven’t checked out Craig’s blog D I X O N F O M A– do it. Not just because I’m on it but because he’s amazing- you’ll see what I mean.

As for that Garmin, I’m still working on it. I’m starting to understand it now and I think I just might be able to run with my newest gadget. Maybe not tonight because I really want to kick these flu symptoms out of my system so, I might make today a rest day.

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