Completely Garmin Clueless!

Yesterday, I woke up with the BIGGEST headache. It was so bad that I had to take Tylenol after my breakfast. I am not the pill popping kind of girl either. And I felt the dreaded flu coming on. I was exhausted and my muscles were still achy from the Harry race. My glutes loved the workout they got on those hills. They loved it so much that they made me walk funny because they were in that “great workout makes for a good pain” kind of mood. And I even got blisters on the arches of my feet. I’m nice enough to not show you those battle scars.

And the rumours are true. I made the big purchase and bought the Garmin Forerunner 405CX! I love Costco prices!

The only thing was when I tried to get it working, I realized that technology hates me. Throw in a sickness and you get one grumpy girl.

This is what my desk looked like trying to figure it all out:

My brain looked like that big of a mess too. My sister told me it was easy. I think I just need to play around with it some more or get technology skills. One of the two.

I finally got my Garmin charged and the programs loaded onto my computer. After that miracle, I just wanted my bed and some Extra Strength Lemon Flavoured NeoCitran.

Now today’s task is to read about how to use it on a run. Here’s to hoping that I’m not completely clueless with that task!

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