Friday’s Confession: Glamour Shots

Sometimes I cry when I run.

I don’t mean that I go out and bawl my eyes out. Sometimes my eyes well up and an occasional single tear will fall from my eye. Like on yesterday’s run. I decided to book it and do a powersong 8K to gear up for tomorrow’s Harry’s Spring Run Off. During my run, after running one kilometer past one of my best friends from kindergarten’s house, I remembered that the anniversary of the death of her aunt Tina (we like to call her Tinie) was coming up. Tin was crossing the street at a busy intersection on April 13th, 2010 and was hit by a transport truck who was making a right turn and didn’t see her. She died instantly.

There is just something about turning on the news and seeing that someone you have known pretty much your entire life and learning at that moment that they have left the world in such a sudden way- it’s heartbreaking.

Tinie was only 67 years young and lived life to it’s fullest. She has travelled all over the world and gave back by volunteering and being an active mission participant in India. At the funeral, a letter was sent from India that from a woman who Tin helped. The woman had a child after hearing of Tin’s passing and named her Tina, after Tinie. I knew how much Tin has touched the hearts of others but to hear that story was just put the ribbon on how much she meant to everyone around her. She was and I am sure she still is a marvelous woman.

Tinie’s famous quotes were, “Does it get any better?!” and “Seize the moment, life is short.” She was always laughing and making everyone laugh around her. One of my favourite pictures is when Tin wanted to do a Glamour Shots photo shoot. Yes, think of Napoleon Dynamite. I mean seriously, how amazing is this portrait:

I wish I had the original but this one will do just fabulously for now.

My run had tears of joy. Just the thought that I got to live my life with such a sparkling woman was a happy thought. I say sparkles as in crystals, sequins, and anything that shines– Tinie loved it all. For the funeral we all wore a little bit of sparkle- we know she loved it. And the best part was, we didn’t even talk about wearing sparkle, we just all knew Tin would love it.

I decided I will be dedicating my run tomorrow to Tin. Not only are we getting to her anniversary but the run takes place in High Park in Toronto where Tin spent years on the High Park Tennis Club. What a perfect location. So, I will wear something that sparkles and think of this funny, loving and outgoing lady as I run with her glamour shot portrait in my mind.

Have a fabulous weekend friends! xo

Coach Siobhan

I decided to take my latest race buddy out for a run.

Meet my mum, Nancy:

As she gears up for her first race ever, Harry Spring Run Off on Saturday, I decided to go out for a run with her at her pace. I like to call myself, the extra motivation to let her know that she can kick this race in the butt. Mum likes to call me, the killer. I’m OK with that.

It felt really great to go out and give her advice while running and give her that push to get her sprinting the last few meters of our run. For my mum, she loved that I could push her to go harder when normally on her own she would want to walk. For me, I loved slowing my pace down and going for an easy run.

When I’m on my own, I speed up my pace because when I slow down I start getting bored. But when you have a running pal, the time goes by much faster and I find that I can actually accomplish my easy, slower paced run. I think I’m going to start taking mumsy out for a run at least once a week. This way we can both benefit from eachother.

Our run gave her the confidence she needs to get through her first race. I’m so excited for her! And for the picture with me, my sister, and my mum each holding our finisher’s medals at the end of the race.

Ahhh, I love racing season!  

And in case you were wondering, yes I am wearing a new pair of shoes. I know, I know– I JUST got a pair of New Balance 760’s. But when I was at the 30K Around the Bay Expo on Saturday, they had the 860’s in a size 5 and how could I say no to these beauties:

New Balance 860
After all the trouble I went through to find a size 5 shoe, I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass me by. So now I will alternate shoes. And can I just tell you how much I love the 860’s? There is more stability in the arch of the shoe and the material is so breathable and lovely. There are no complaints from this girl! And that is the last product I bought at the expo, I promise!

Find Your Happy Pace!

At the Expo on the weekend I picked up a few treats for myself. The first I told you about– setting a new distance goal of 30K which will race at A Midsummer Night’s Run on August 20th. And the second a new mouse pad:

Finding my “happy pace” has been a real challenge for me. Having this day to day reminder is pretty awesome. I’ve been constantly wondering “how fast should I run this Harry 8K?!” And my question has been answered. I went on the Canadian Running Series website and found the map to the race:

And then I found this gem of a link: Tips On How To Run The Spring Run-Off 8K. It tells you when it’s best to slow down, speed up, where you will be getting water, and the porta poties. I’m so happy that this link exists! It was exactly what I was looking for. Now I can relax and not be so hung up on how fast I should be running this shorter distance. Because really, whatever time I run it in will be a PR– it is my first 8K race after all!

Annnnnd my mum is doing the Harry 5K this Saturday! I’m so excited for her!! This is going to be her first race ever! It’s gonna be a family affair. Me and my sister doing the 8K and Mumsy is doing the 5K!

I love my hills!

That’s a big statement. And- it’s true! I really do love my hills. They feel like such an accomplishment when you run them (even if it is on the t-mill!) I’m still alternating between running outdoors and indoors so that I don’t wreck my knees. I even pushed myself up to the 7% incline on the t-mill. I’m not gonna lie- as good as it felt, it hurt and it was hard. It’s a good thing I had Rihanna to help push me through. Who’s That Chick? Just might be my new favourite powersong. I think I’m going to have to make a full on power playlist for my Harry Rosen 8K. Hills can be killers!

I’m actually feeling confident about my hilly Harry run on April 2nd. I was nervous knowing that I’m not going to get too many great runs outside before the race- especially since a spring snowstorm decided to roll in yesterday! Wah! But the good news is, the weather is going to go back up to 10 degrees celcius by the time Harry comes around. Thank you, The Weather Network App!

I went with my Recently Played Playlist which was another big move. I did have ballads come on during this run and I decided to just go with them. Who knew running uphill to David Gray could be a good thing?

Annnd, my prediction of Ashley becoming the next Bachelorette turned out ot be true! It looks like my addiction to this series will happen again in May! Wahoooo!

The Recently Played Playlist
*On jukebox shuffle
Check It Out- & Nicki Minaj
Hello- Martin Solveig & Dragonette
Quitter- Carrie Underwood
Little Lion man- Mumford & Sons
Star (Crystal Light Mix)- Estelle
Hate That I Love You- Rihanna feat. Ne-Yo
Who’s That Chick?- David Guetta & Rihanna
This Year’s Love- David Gray
What The Hell- Avril Lavigne

Stats of the Run
Distance: 9.04 min/km
Pace: 4:25 min/km