Coach Siobhan

I decided to take my latest race buddy out for a run.

Meet my mum, Nancy:

As she gears up for her first race ever, Harry Spring Run Off on Saturday, I decided to go out for a run with her at her pace. I like to call myself, the extra motivation to let her know that she can kick this race in the butt. Mum likes to call me, the killer. I’m OK with that.

It felt really great to go out and give her advice while running and give her that push to get her sprinting the last few meters of our run. For my mum, she loved that I could push her to go harder when normally on her own she would want to walk. For me, I loved slowing my pace down and going for an easy run.

When I’m on my own, I speed up my pace because when I slow down I start getting bored. But when you have a running pal, the time goes by much faster and I find that I can actually accomplish my easy, slower paced run. I think I’m going to start taking mumsy out for a run at least once a week. This way we can both benefit from eachother.

Our run gave her the confidence she needs to get through her first race. I’m so excited for her! And for the picture with me, my sister, and my mum each holding our finisher’s medals at the end of the race.

Ahhh, I love racing season!  

And in case you were wondering, yes I am wearing a new pair of shoes. I know, I know– I JUST got a pair of New Balance 760’s. But when I was at the 30K Around the Bay Expo on Saturday, they had the 860’s in a size 5 and how could I say no to these beauties:

New Balance 860
After all the trouble I went through to find a size 5 shoe, I wasn’t going to let this opportunity pass me by. So now I will alternate shoes. And can I just tell you how much I love the 860’s? There is more stability in the arch of the shoe and the material is so breathable and lovely. There are no complaints from this girl! And that is the last product I bought at the expo, I promise!

I’m still in love.

OK friends, I took my new shoes out for a spin. The one out of the two options that I had and I’m pretty sure we were made for eachother. So option number two for shoes. Are you ready for them?! 

This angle makes me look so tall and strong!
And up close and personal…
You’re probably thinking, “Siobhan, those are your old shoes. You just washed them!” Friends, I bought the exact same shoes. Same brand, same size, same style number, and the exact same colour. I was so against this idea but I put them on went for a jog in the store and said, “I’m still in love!” So I put them in their box and said, “Yep, they’re the ones!” 

It’s funny because I came home and read my book ZEN AND THE ART OF RUNNING By Larry Shapiro:

and he said that when you have a Zen attitude you find a product that works for you and you stick with it. You need to experiment with different products and find the ones that work best for you. Stability 760’s (aka my sole mates) I’m glad we are together again! But I have learned from this experience and I will be special ordering my next pair of shoes very soon!

And another plus– my legs felt so good at boot camp! I didn’t want to chance them being 100% so I came home and heated my legs while watching The Bachelor. Nobody likes leg pain coming back for revenge!

This is me feeling sorry for Michelle for the first time ever.

And how excited am I for another week of The Bachelor?! How could I even forget that there is a “The Women Tell All” episode the week before the proposal. Ahhh-may-ziiing!

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Push for the Tush!

Remember when I told you a long time ago that I was going to sign up for Colon Cancer of Canada’s Push for the Tush run? Well, it finally happened! On May 29th, 2011 I will be running  for all those affected by Colon Cancer.

This is the first run ever that I am actually raising money for, and it’s a cause that has touch my life in the last year. Exactly one year ago from the run date, May 29th 2010, one of my mum’s best friends had surgery to remove colon cancer from her body. It was such a hard time for her and her loved ones. So what better way to celebrate being cancer free for an entire year than to run a 10K? Perfect, right?

If you would like to sponsor me you can do so by clicking on the link on the right hand side of my blog or here:

But- I think I would LOVE it more if you joined our team and ran with us!
You can find our team under Bums on the Run! We are really fun and nice– I promise! And I will feed you Peanut Butter Cups if you come!

Remember Princess Olivia who drew those fabulous portraits of me? She will be walking in support of her mum a long with her little sister Lacey!   

Olivia’s Portrait of Me

Lacey all tuckered out.
(This is also what I look like after a long run!)

Come join the fun on Saturday May 29th, 2011 in Toronto!
I really wanted to show you the new shoes I bought but that didn’t happen. Apparently the Running Room doesn’t carry size 5 shoes. It looks like I might just have to go to the New Balance store. Wah! Sorry leg pain, you might have to suffer through with the old shoes tonight! Or I could always try running barefoot. I don’t think the other people at the gym will think I am too crazy…

Ouch, you’re it!

I went to visit Mr. Treadmill and my muscles just weren’t feeling it. That is until the t-mill started moving. I was feeling pretty good and I started to get some shin pain in both of my legs. I know, I’m scared about it to. But after 2K I had this dopey smile on my face that just wouldn’t go away and I was feeling really good. I even kicked it in to high gear and did some speed intervals and ended up doing a nice 7K instead of the 5K I planned on doing. Unfortunately, there is a downside. My ankles are not loving me at the moment. I definitely have some pain in there.

During my last few workouts I have had pain in my knees, shins, ankles, and arches. I think it’s time for some new shoes. After a glorious 6 months with my New Balance 760’s, I’m ready to mingle with some new ones. Even though I just bought some beautiful Michael Kors shoes from Winners on the weekend for ridiculously cheap prices. Really, what’s another pair?! And plus, the MKors weren’t meant for running!  
New running shoes, here I come! Wahooo! I will keep you posted on which ones I fall in love with!
The Top 40 Run Playlist
*On jukebox shuffle
I Hate This Part- The Pussycat Dolls
Dead and Gone- T.I. feat. Justin Timberlake
3- Britney Spears
I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)- Pitbull
What Hurts The Most- Cascada
LoveGame- Lady GaGa
Knock You Down- Keri Hilson, Kanye West, & Ne-Yo
I Like It- Enrique Iglesias feat. Pitbull
Cool Down/Stretching
Battlefield- Jordin Sparks
Stats of the Run
Distance: 7.16 km
Pace: 4:14 min/km
Incline: 1%
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2. I was born in Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day. In elementary school I’m pretty sure the other kids thought I was a leprechaun because if I did have school on my birthday (which didn’t always happen because of March break) they would chase me around the playground for my “pot of gold.”
3. I have one kidney that works at 25% and the other one works at 75%. Together they make one awesome kidney.
4. I LOVE coffee. The stronger the better. I’m pretty excited about the new Starbucks that is opening right around the corner from my office. Amazing!
5. When I was about 5 years old after gymnastics I would go to swimming lessons on a Saturday. I was in the Orange Level which was pretty basic. I failed it twice. I don’t think I will ever be a tri athlete. I’m OK with that.
6. When I was in grade 3 we had reading buddies with the grade eights. We went on a skating trip and my buddy told me that I wasn’t strong enough to push him on the ice. So, I obviously had to prove him wrong. I pushed him so hard that he lost control and went into a garbage can. How’s that for small and strong?
7. I LOVE Peanut Butter. I eat it by the tablespoon and right out of the jar. I’m classy like that. If one day I became allergic to PB, I will seriously cry a river. Yes Justin Timberlake I will do that for you!   
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