Movin’ Up and Movin’ Out!

Lately my posts have been all about catching up. But life has been crazy for me. The moving didn’t end last week and I was unpacking and cleaning like no other! My priorities of course were on the moving day cupcakes:

And because it wasn’t my moving day and it was my sister and bro-in-laws, my priorities were also on the napkin, plates, and cup choices:

Bieber? Yes, please!

The other great part about new homes is buying fun presents for the new pad! So, of course I went fun and bought what any new home owner needs– an ice cream maker!

Yes, there are two. (I bought one for myself! Ha!) Homemade fro yo, sorbet, ice cream, and gelatos here I come! And it just wouldn’t be right to give them a gift without making sure it worked first. So, I used their maker for vanilla ice cream, and mine for chocolate and no dessert would be complete without a little crumble on the side:

Don’t worry friends, we enjoyed this treat at their new home.

So, I’m sorry about the lack of training updates but I promise to be in full swing this week!

Did anyone watch the bachelorette and think it was so strange that a first date was a pretend marriage in Vegas? Atleast save it for the second date! And Jeff the mask man? Seriously, why are you still there?!

But in fitness news, I’m making up my new training plan for my 30K Midsummer Night’s Run. I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little nervous about running at 5pm on an August evening. The heat may get to me. Especially if it’s anything like today where it feels like 41 degrees celcius. 5pm training, here I come!

And I managed to do the Colon Cancer Canada Run on Sunday even though this head cold will not go away! A full report on that run (as I blew my nose through the park, sexy, I know!) is coming soon. Here’s the preview:

Strepsils and Kleenex in my running pouch. Nothing says FIERCE and sexy like a sick runner! 

Push for the Tush!

Remember when I told you a long time ago that I was going to sign up for Colon Cancer of Canada’s Push for the Tush run? Well, it finally happened! On May 29th, 2011 I will be running  for all those affected by Colon Cancer.

This is the first run ever that I am actually raising money for, and it’s a cause that has touch my life in the last year. Exactly one year ago from the run date, May 29th 2010, one of my mum’s best friends had surgery to remove colon cancer from her body. It was such a hard time for her and her loved ones. So what better way to celebrate being cancer free for an entire year than to run a 10K? Perfect, right?

If you would like to sponsor me you can do so by clicking on the link on the right hand side of my blog or here:

But- I think I would LOVE it more if you joined our team and ran with us!
You can find our team under Bums on the Run! We are really fun and nice– I promise! And I will feed you Peanut Butter Cups if you come!

Remember Princess Olivia who drew those fabulous portraits of me? She will be walking in support of her mum a long with her little sister Lacey!   

Olivia’s Portrait of Me

Lacey all tuckered out.
(This is also what I look like after a long run!)

Come join the fun on Saturday May 29th, 2011 in Toronto!
I really wanted to show you the new shoes I bought but that didn’t happen. Apparently the Running Room doesn’t carry size 5 shoes. It looks like I might just have to go to the New Balance store. Wah! Sorry leg pain, you might have to suffer through with the old shoes tonight! Or I could always try running barefoot. I don’t think the other people at the gym will think I am too crazy…

Bums, Booties, and Ba-donk-a-donks! Ohhhh my — !

There are so many ways to say it and no matter which way you do, everyone knows that you are talking about those muscles that get googled on a day to day basis. My favourite infomercial is the Brazil Butt Lift. Shaping your butt has never looked more fun! It looks like a ballet class met a sexy latin lover. Mmmmm, delicious!

My favourite part of all is:  THE PENCIL TEST.

I can’t even make that up. “How do you do that?” You ask. Well, this is what Leandro Carvalho, the inventor of the Brazil Butt Lift says,

“Simply take a pencil and place it in the crease where your butt meets the top of the back of your thigh. If the pencil stays put or disappears, you need to lose fat and firm your butt, and that’s where Brazil Butt Lift can help.”

            Amazing! A booty-ful booty!

As much as I love to laugh at this infomercial, I want to try it. It’s true– I admit it. And one day I just might. But the bum bum is just so high on people’s vanity list these days that you gotta keep up with the Jones’. So, I called up Colon Cancer Canada today and their annual walk/run is on May 29th, 2011 in Toronto. My booty will be out on the streets that day to run for my mum’s good friend. As I mentioned in my last blog, she was diagnosed with colon cancer and became a cancer survivor this past year. And the best part of it?! Her ba-donk-a-donk was operated on May 29th, 2010 and we’re running on May 29th, 2011. Crazy, right?! It just makes the day that much more exciting! I can’t wait. A one year anniversary to celebrate the glory of butts!