Sam Tsui and a FREE MP3!

So, I was disappointed when I went to download Guy Sebastian’s latest album only to find that iTunes has his videos but not his songs. Awesome. Although I did find one of his older albums called “The Memphis Album” that is just covers of old Memphis tunes– it’s on my wish list right now.

After being disappointed, I was happy to find an awesome FREE MP3 from the artist Sam Tsui. He is a youtube sensation that I found when he made the web series, “College Musical”. Yep, it’s a parody of “High School Musical.” Awesome! Well, a friend of mine posted a link to Sam Tsui’s latest mash up, “Love The Way You Lie.” His vocals and mash up talent are incredible.

Download this song for FREE HERE!

During the day today I felt ambitious to run a 12K after work. But I got held up in the office because I got a new berry! (not a fruit– the phone.) So, I decided on an easy 30 minute run at a 1% incline while I ran to the album “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” by “Phoenix.” Great choice! Followed by a delicious butternut squash soup that I made on my rest day yesterday– mmmmmm, delish!
The Phoenix Playlist
(accidentally on jukebox shuffle)
Love Like A Sunset, Pt. 1
Cool Down/Stretching

Love Like A Sunset, Pt. 2

Stats of the Run
Distance: 6.83 km
Pace: 4:25 min/km
Incline: 1%

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Who’s That Girl?!

Hello, rest day and hello, heavy legs! Yep, I’m sore. And I haven’t craved coffee as much as I have today in a VERY long time. I woke up and felt that, “I need my coffee to function” kind of day. But I was two coffee’s in (yea, I know and they weren’t small… they were grande sized!) And my friend Ali (who I am excited to announce that I have convinced her to run a race with me this year! YAY! Another new running BFF!!) sent me this message:

“Song I think you would like – Guy Sebastian – Who’s That Girl… he’s an Aussie artist, they CONSTANTLY played him when I was over there and I feel like you need to listen to that song.”
Ali won. I did need to listen to that song. 5 seconds in and I was in LOVE. She just gets me. I LOVE it! It will be on my next running playlist!  Maybe yours too?!
And then more exciting news flooded my inbox– I have 5 more running BFF’s joining me for my Sporting Life 10K! It’s time to make some more custom designed training plans as promised. I can’t wait!

 Meet the Sporting Life 10K Roster:
        (aka my Running BFF’s)








Only 108 days ’til our race ladies!! But– whose counting?! 
Now it’s time to do what I do best on my off days: download music, online shopping, catch up on How I Met Your Mother, maybe read some of my Runner’s World mag, and make some training schedules. Ohhhhh rest day– I’m really liking you today!