I had some work done…

I was really hoping I could brag about my hill training that I conquered on the t-mill for the first time ever buuuuuut life got in the way. Instead of going for a run I ended up taking an unexpected off day to babysit for a friend. The things we do for friends! (And yes, I am itching for a run!) So, in exchange for my hill plan, I present to you some portraits that I had done by the lovely Princess Olivia!

My Mermaid Portrait

My Princess Portrait

Don’t they look like me?!

After getting home from gorging on Valentine’s Day Brownies and watching The Rugrats Movie and The Little Rascals, I whipped out my friend the balance board and did some heel stretches, arabesques, scorpians, and scales.

Positions on the balance board

 Ohhh balance board, I’m glad we’re friends again!

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