Thursday’s Thoughts: Sale El So

It’s funny how much life can change in a year. After having my yearly check-up at the doctors, I have been in a reflecting kind of mood. I logged on to my nike+ account and read about my run on February 9th, 2010 and found out that I ran 9.39 km run at this time last year with an average pace of 4:20 min/km and at a 0% incline. And now I am pulling average paces of 4:11 min/km on a 1% incline. Thank you boot camp, speed intervals, and hills you are making me better, faster, harder, and stronger!

And it’s not just running that I feel stronger, it’s as a whole. I can honestly say that I dreaded going into the doctors office. This time last year when I was told that I might have skin cancer, breast cancer, and too much protein leaking from my kidneys I became a ball of emotions. After appointments with different specialists I only had skin cancer. I know, ONLY right? But seriously, it was no biggie. I called myself Heidi Montag made a new friend with my lovely plastic surgeon and now I am 100% cancer free with a 15 stitch scar on my nose to prove it. The best part? No one can even tell that I have a scar. Seriously Dr. Catherine Haywood, you are magical. And I couldn’t have done it without my huge support system. Thank you family, friends, and marathons of How I Met Your Mother that kept me smiling the entire time. OK, not the entire time. I definitely cried when I looked in the mirror 2 days later to see how cut up I was under my bandage. Yep, 2 days. I’m positive that is the longest I have gone without looking in a mirror.

I also accomplished my goal, to run a half marathon. And I did it with my sister in the most magical place in the world: Walt Disney World.

Julia, Minnie Mouse, and Me

Julia is also the one who got me to sign up for Harry’s Spring Off on April 2nd and I think I may have convinced her to do the Sporting Life 10K on May 1st!

Leaving the doctors office I couldn’t be happier knowing that I just need to start taking Vitamin D and get some blood work done to see if I am low in iron.

Shakira’s new music video Sale El So couldn’t have come out at a better time then during my reflection post. She sings the line, “No hay mal que dure cien años ni cuerpo que lo aguante” which for my non-spanish speaking friends means, “There is no evil that lasts a hundred years or body that supports it.”

Thank you body for healing so wonderfully!

3 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts: Sale El So

  1. Thanks girl!! If you run the Disney Half in Cali in September let me know! We can meet up and I will sing the Biebs to you and you will hate it but then we will eat ice cream and everything will be better!

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