Beach Fit.

It’s such a great feeling when you do spring cleaning. You get rid of all the old dusty clothes that you never even wear (Stacy London, you would be proud of me!) and you just feel like a tonne of weight has been lifted out of your body. You feel so free and on top of the world. That is the same feeling I had during my last run. It was awesome. I still had times where I felt like the heat was beating me on the race. But- I just trucked through it. Especially when I ran passed a sign that asked me, “Are you beach fit?” And with confidence I answered, “Why yes, yes I am!” I may have said this out loud… I am not sure. But, I do know I had a huge smile on my face after answering that question! It was like being the over-achiever in a class and you are just beaming because you won the blue prize for your science experiment. My smile and a wave’s became more genuine than ever. It felt so great. So I decided it’s time to spruce up my blog. Make it fresh and summer ready. Maybe make it feel beach fit?! I Can’t wait to get out there tomorrow and have another great run. And thank you rain- I appreciate what you have done to my running air!

The Joon Playlist:
Your Love is My Drug- Ke$ha
Don’t Phunk With My Heart- Black Eyed Peas
Not Myself Tonight- Christina Aguilera
California Gurls- Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dog
Bulletproof (Dave Aude Cherry Radio Remix)- La Roux
If You’re Wondering If I Want You To (I Want You To)- Weezer
Woohoo- Christina Aguilera feat. Nicki Minaj
You and Your Heart- Jack Johnson
Lay Me Down- The Dirty Heads
It’s All Your Fault- P!nk
I Wanna Dance With Somebody- Whitney Houston
Submarine Symphonika (Wallpaper Remix)- The Submarines
Bang a Gong (Get It On)- T. Rex
New Shoes- Paolo Nutini

Don’t Lie- Black Eyed Peas
You Wanted It- MoZella

Stats of the Run:
Distance: 10.05 km
Pace: 5:00 min/km
Calories: 422

Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger. Sorry Kanye, just stop at harder.

I think a lot of my running friends can agree that running this week has been HARD. The heat is just waaay too hot. I thought yesterday’s run was my worst run in awhile and then I was proven wrong during today’s run. I hydrated before I went out because I knew how hot it gets and I went out when the temperature was only 21 Celsius but the UV rays were at “9 and higher.” I could not handle the heat. Sorry Gordon Ramsay, I would be out of your kitchen. I was getting a headache and I had to slow down every time I reached some shade just so I could cool down a bit. I was not feeling this run. And I’m pretty sure I had the most “smile and a wave” passers today than ever before. They were not all running friends. One was a nice dog who likes to run at my direction. Why dogs? Whhhy?! My powersongs were not really giving me any power. Hopefully the thunderstorms that are suppose to be coming today will cool down the air for my next run. Please, please, please!

Running On Sunshine playlist
Live Like We’re Dying- Kris Allen
If We Ever Meet Again- Timbaland feat. Katy Perry
1901- Phoenix
I’m Running- Mistress Barbara feat. Sam Roberts
Animal- Miike Snow
Halo/Walking on Sunshine- Glee Cast
Seconds- Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-Stars
Beggin’- Madcon
Giving Up the Gun- Vampire Weekend
Use Your Love- Katy Perry
Sex On Fire- Kings of Leon
Bang a Gong (Get It On)- T. Rex
Good Girls Go Bad- Cobra Starship feat. Leighton Meester

Cool down/Stretching
Bizarre Love Triangle- New Order
Miss Independent- Ne-Yo

Stats of the Run
Distance: 8.86 KM
Pace: 5:18 min/km
Calories: 373

In Review.

Run: Sun Blocker LS

As you know, I was so excited to get into lulu and get this UBF gem of a running top. Only when I got to the store I found out that the smallest size the top is made in is a 4. I tried it on and it was big. The sales associates were great and told me I could get it hemmed and the sleeve length shortened. The only problem with loosing the sleeve length would mean I was also going to loose my thumb holes. The other problem was the waist was about 2 inches bigger than mine. I decided to go ahead with it anyways. I don’t mind that the top is a bit bigger and if I want it altered in any way- I could bring my top to lulu at anytime and get my free alterations.

So, I took my new white Sun Blocker out for a 10K spin today! I was loving the thumb holes so I decided I didn’t want to loose them. And I was really loving the sheer material. Whenever a breeze came along, I would cool right down! The anti-stink Chitosan finish was definitely needed today. I was getting worried that my sunscreen was getting washed off from the sweat I had and I was starting to smell. Luckily, I remembered that it was OK because I have the extra protection of my UBF shirt and my anti-stink Chitosan. Amazing! I’m keeping fresh and running without a worry!

Throughout my run I did end up rolling up my sleeves. I am starting to wonder if I should get them hemmed but- I will take it out for a few more spins before I decide. I really do wish that the Sun Blocker came in a size 2. The excess material can get annoying near my biceps and forearm. But for the extra sun protection, I can deal.

Overall it was a good run and a great top! I think my runs will start getting harder as I adjust to the sun’s rays getting hotter. There’s nothing like pushing yourself during your run so you can and feel great post-run!

The Can’t Be Tamed Playlist:
Gotta Work- Amerie
Your Love Is My Drug- Ke$ha
California Gurls– Katy Perry fest. Snoop Dogg
Can’t Be Tamed- Miley Cyrus
Feedback- Janet Jackson
Woohoo– Christina Aguilera feat. Nicki Minaj
It’s All Your Fault- P!nk
Boom Boom Pow- Black Eyed Peas
For The Girl- The Fratellis
Girls and Boys In Love- The Rumble Strips
Magnificent (Fred Faulke Full Club Mix)- U2
Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough- Michael Jackson
Car Wash (Shark Tale Mix)- Christina Aguilera & Missy Elliot
(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To- Weezer

I really needed to stretch after this run because at 8K I could really start to feel my calves tightening up. So, there were a few
Cooldown/Stretching songs today:
Always Love- Nada Surf
It’s Only Life (Brian Malouf Mix)- Kate Voegele
With You- Jessica Simpson

Stats of the Run:
Distance: 10.29 km
Pace: 4:58 min/km
Calories: 444

Just like a circus.

A dog chased me while I was running through the park today. There weren’t any runners in front of me to distract the dog so I had to dodged the little guy solo. It was every man for himself. The small four legged creature vs. the little runner. The fluffy caramel pup was off his leash and ready to play and I was not having any of it. Then I heard the owner calling her dog and then calls to me, “Just keep running!” I am pretty sure my face said it all as my ginormous eyes read, “…umm, are you serious?! The more I run the more your dog tries to run up my leg like it is chasing a squirrel up a tree!” It was just like a circus. Animals disobeying their ring master and audience members becoming apart of the show.
I did just keep running and eventually the dog (who I think was named bubbles) didn’t care to run any further. Thanks, bubbles.

2.5K later I ran passed a runner friend and as I looked up to give them a smile and a wave it turned out to be an outside of running friend who I haven’t seen in a while! Amazing, right? You can guess what happened next. I got picked up and twirled. I love an eventful run! Once my two feet were back on solid ground, I waved goodbye and continued my run.

By 9K I was running out of steam. My legs felt so heavy and I found it hard to see the end of this 15K run. The problem I found today was the more I slowed down my pace, the harder it was to start moving faster again. I just kept trucking through and surprised myself when I added an extra hill to my run. All in all it was a good run and I couldn’t wait to get back home and eat some delicious strawberry and kiwi yogurt!

My just like a circus playlist:
Don’t Cha– The Pussycat Dolls
Beep- The Pussycat Dolls
I Don’t Need a Man- The Pussycat Dolls
I Hate This Part- The Pussycat Dolls
Buttons- The Pussycat Dolls
Whatcha Think About That- The Pussycat Dolls feat. Missy Elliot
Stickwitu– The Pussycat Dolls
Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)- A.R. Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls
Circus- Britney Spears
Piece of Me- Britney Spears
Ooh Ooh Baby- Britney Spears
Hot As Ice- Britney Spears
Boys- Britney Spears
If You Seek Amy- Britney Spears
Me Against The Music (Rishi Rich’s Desi Kulcha Remix)-Britney Spears feat. Madonna
Freakshow– Britney Spears
Get Naked (I Got A Plan)- Britney Spears
Breathe On Me- Britney Spears
Touch of My Hand- Britney Spears

Fix the World Up for You- James Morrison
Glitter In the Air- P!nk

Stats of the Run:
Distance: 15.30 km
Pace: 4:56 min/km
Calories: 661