Lessons during long runs.

I have taken this week off of running. Not even because I have an injury. It’s just because of the heat wave, down pour of rain, and my body being run down and I don’t want to over stress my system. I don’t even feel bad about it. Maybe I should with my Disney race being only 29 days away and with my training plan is only four long runs away. You have to listen to yourself and make sure that you aren’t making excuses for your lack of training but in this case- it’s not. I promise.

Another problem I found myself having is after a long run I am incredibly hungry and I have to eat or else I will become dizzy. The problem: I’m clearly not eating enough food before these long runs and I start running on empty. Yeah, that’s not healthy. The solution: eat more. But to make sure I have enough vitamins and electrolytes to get through my long runs, I discovered a little treat called “Jelly Belly Sport Beans.”

Yes, this does sound like a product from a fairytale or even Harry Potter. But- they work! They are a great energy boost and are even tasty! How can you go wrong? Delicious.

Another long run necessity is my pink amphipod hydration belt from lululemon. I recently read that another runner is training herself to only drink water at the distances of the designated water stops along the race path. I for one cannot imagine doing that. I mean, if you are training to run with a hydration belt why wouldn’t you continue to use it at the race so that you can just drink water at your own leisure. Unless, the weight of the belt is too much to handle for race day? Either way, I’m sticking with my belt because it also has a handy camera pouch so that I can document the big day.

“If you want to win something, run 100 meters. If you want to experience something, run a marathon.”
-Emil Zatopek

I think my next goal after my half marathon is going to be to run a full marathon. A friend asked me a few months ago if I was going to run a full marathon and I honestly did not think that I could do it. I knew that I wouldn’t wake up the next day and run a marathon but I also could not imagine myself running a full marathon. But a few runs ago I thought to myself seriously for the first time and I realised I can run a full marathon. You can do anything you work for so, why not? Maybe my next goal will be the New York City Marathon or the Boston Marathon.

First Outdoor Run of the Season!

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and teens were making out in the park. Everyone was enjoying the Brady Bunch sunshine kind of day!

I have been feeling really congested lately with a deep old man’s cough. But- it was a beauty day and my friend just told me about an amazing run he just had so, I wanted to go for a run too. I decided that the first outdoor run of the season is always going to be a slower paced run. I was about to deal with wind, hills, air quality, and saying “Hi” and giving a genuine smile to my running friends as we pass each other. I was expecting to run a pace of 5:45/km at the absolute slowest. I figured a good playlist for this run should be an easy-going one that is filled with old classics.

The Playlist:
Angel of Harlem- U2
No Rain- Blind Melon
The Boys Are Back In Town- Thin Lizzy
Born to Run- Frankie Goes to Hollywood
Mysterious Ways- U2
Ballroom Blitz- Blue Oyster Cult
Life is a Highway- Tom Petty
Lust For Life- Tom Jones with The Pretenders
American Woman- Lenny Kravitz
Back in the USSR- The Beatles
Are You Gonna Go My Way- Tom Jones with Robbie Williams
Southbound- Thin Lizzy
Life in the Fast Lane- The Eagles

I was really excited to do this run because I bought one of those Amphipod belt water bottle holders and was excited to use it. But- I literally ran for 3 seconds and it kept jumping up and down because I didn’t make it tight enough. It started to really bother me so I ran back to my house, threw it inside, grabbed my klean kanteen and ran out the door again. I will have to adjust the size and let you know how I feel about it another day. But- I felt lighter when I went out for my run again and I was ready to just run. I found myself starting to get to the hills and wondering how far I had gone and what my pace was like instead of just enjoying my run in the sun. Unfortunately, my hacking cough came back 2.5km into my run. I wasn’t going to let that stop me so I looked over and saw teens making out on a hill and that distracted my mind for a while! Especially when they got awkward when they saw me running by. Oh, to be young again!

As I kept running through the phlegm I came across some dogs. Now as much as dogs can be fun- I don’t want them to chase me because they think I am playing with them. So, I start to run the pace of the runner in front of me until they pass the dog. This way I can see if the dog is going to bite the runner in front of me and if I will be OK to run past the dog. Yep- that is selfish but also smart for my well being. ha! This could also be a factor to why my running pace isn’t as fast when I do my first outdoor run! But- that’s OK, it means I won’t loose a limb!

The rest of the run was great! I was running against the wind for awhile but it was nice to have fresh air. When I ran in my last kilometer (all uphill) I was still feeling great. Until I stopped, stretched, and coughed it out. Not attractive. haha!

Cool Down/Stretching:
Don’t Stop Believin’- Glee Cast
You Can’t Always Get What You Want- Glee Cast

And then I picked up a golf club and hit a few practice balls in my backyard. Golf is a new sport I decided to take up. I always wanted to learn how to play so I decided, why not make this the year I actually do it! It’s a great cross-trainer and I’m actually having a lot of fun learning the new sport!

Stats of the Run:
Distance: 9 km

Pace: 5:15 min/km
Calories: 389