Chobani is Seriously, Nothing But Good!

I’m going to be really upset when I wake up tomorrow and read all the highlights of the Chobani Bootcamp class this evening. Turning down invites is not fun. But I have some serious tumbling skills to learn so I can’t miss my private lesson with Garry tonight. Commitments, friends!

Lindsay and Becky know how much I love CHO (I took enough helpings to feed an army at the last event) so they sent me over a special delivery for missing bootcamp!

Nothing. But. Good.

The first CHO that I always dig into is the pomegranate. It is THE BEST!

Don’t judge me but when I ran the Sporting Life 10K I was waiting at the finish line for my friends and I saw that Chobani was handing out post race snacks. I obviously knocked people over jumped in line to get some. The runners behind me were discussing what flavour they wanted and I felt it necessary to share my love for the pomegranate. When I say “share my love” I actually mean I went on and on about how amazing and smooth it is and how once you get use to the thickness, it is a heavenly dream.

They clearly didn’t believe my love story and probably thought I was a complete nut because they chose the Black Cherry. That’s fair, it’s my runner up CHO and leaves more pomegranate for me!

Third place is taken with a tie between strawberry and peach. When blood orange and pineapple get to Canada, they might loose their spots.

Greek Yogurt really is an awesome post workout refuel because of the crazy amount of protein that you can find in one of these little guys:

Click to Enlarge

I’m going to miss eating an obscene amount of greek yogurt after my workout tonight so I hope everyone eats enough for me at the Chobani Bootcamp!

It actually is crazy to love a yogurt this much.

What’s your favourite post workout snack?

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