Goodbye Dorito, Hello Straight Leg Scorp!

Moving into October, I have some fierce goals ahead. I’m not using fierce lightly. October has turned into STRETCH-O-BER and it’s all about a straight leg scorp. For my new to cheer friends, this is the scorp from 2007 to the present day:

The picture on the left is me in 2007. Hello, Dorito! And that was a decent scorp back then. Now, the picture to the right is what a scorp should look like to contend with the best. That is the MY goal.

To get to my goal, my workout schedule has changed this month *shocker*:

(Click to Enlarge)
It is colourful, bright, and fierce. Everyday stretching is the key to getting beautiful leg positions and now that I have been placed in the front of the stunt section, I need to bring it. I have also started to feel my feet tendons have pain in them so I changed my running schedule to Jeff Galloway’s marathon plan. I will now only run a long run every other week which will insure that I do not over work my muscles and stay injury free. 
Now it’s time to watch my favourite, #TeamShawnough on Dancing with the Stars while I get my stretch on! 

What are your goals for October? 

Are you watching DWTS?
I just watch it for my favourite gymnast Shawn Johnson! And it’s great motivation to keep stretching.

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