Fuel for Long Runs

On the weekend, I said goodbye to summer with some delicious sangria and a visit to The Ex. For my friends outside of the Toronto area, The Ex comes during the last two weeks of August every summer and closes on Labour Day Monday. The main attractions are the air show and deep fried food trucks. 
Not. Even. Kidding.  
The bacon food truck was so long and full of men. I headed to the Mac & Cheesery:
Real mac and cheese. Well, as real as you can get at an exhibition that makes so many sales on their disgusting unhealthy foods. It was delicious. Cheese sauce, real cheese, hot dogs, and a side of ketchup.  Count me in on that bowl of goodness! Just obviously, not everyday. I wouldn’t suggest this as fuel for a long run. Pasta? Yes! All that processed and real cheddar cheese, definitely not. 
With long runs on my schedule for my goal of running my first marathon, I need to up my protein. My daily piece of meat at dinner is not going to cut it as I get closer to 26.2 miles:

So, I’m falling into the habit of adding protein to my meals and I gave a pantry shelf in my kitchen to all my running needs: 

 And thanks to LC’s Healthy Bites Recipe Book, I now have Cocoa Coconut Protein Balls waiting for me in my freezer:  

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that fuelling for long runs has always been hard for me but eating desserts is definitely not:

Cheescake and a side of baked peaches. 
 And carb loading on french toast, pancakes, and waffles is my favourite:

And thanks to Runner’s World and their 10 page spread on pancakes in this moths’s issue, I will be packing my pancakes with protein!

This month my WIAW pledge is to fuel wise so that when I get to 26.2 I won’t run out of energy.

Do you have any awesome tips for fuelling my long runs?

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