Week THREE of 26.2 (Spoiler Alert: I’m doing the 100 Day Burpee Challenge)

As I mentioned before, my workout plans tend to change but my goals are still the same. Run 26.2 and get a bid to The Cheerleading Worlds 2013.

I’ve added a boot camp and a kettlebell class that are going to start next week and a private tumbling class that started yesterday. Which means I have to re-work my schedule yet again to prevent injuries. I’m upping my strength and skills while continuing my cardio. This means I’m really going to have to listen to my body to see if I need to take impromptu rest days and I will be filling my freezer with Healthy Bites.

When Coach CJ gives us our weekly challenges I kind of feel bad for choosing the option that is already in my workout schedule:

Obviously, I choose option 3 (I added a kilometer) and #ProvedIt:

When following an intense workout plan, I try not to over do it and only stick to what I can handle. Call me insane but after some convincing from my cheer friends, I added the 100 Day Burpee Challenge to my schedule. We are on Day 8  9.

The Rules:

Day 1: Do 1 burpee
Day 2: Do 2 burpees
Day 3: Do 3 burpees
… and so on.

If you miss one day, you add those days burpees to the next day. If you miss two days in a row, you have to start back at day 1. Imagine missing day 95. I will cry if that happens.

When I do burpees for 7 minutes, feel free to call me the burpee queen.

Here’s week three’s 26.2 and The Road to Worlds recap:

4 mile run

Rest day

3.24 mile run 

Stretch and foam roll

3.78 mile run

Total Miles: 11.02

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