Week TWO of 26.2

This week has been an awesome week of training for me. I’m feeling stronger than I ever had before and much smarter about muscle recover. My best friends my foam roller and tens machine have been keeping me in check. And of course my new love: whey protein shakes.

3 mile run.

Lately I keep running over this graffiti and it brings a smile to my face every time

I’m not one for graffiti but this one is a good one.

Air Alert and Stretching.

This is a new workout for me that one of my cheer coaches gave me. It took me 20 minutes to complete and focuses on working the calves so I can get a good 8 inches higher my tumbling. I’m not going to lie, I was nervous about how my tendons would deal with this.. Especially the calf raises. During the workout I was feeling great. At cheer 2 days later, I could feel my tendons yelling at me after 30 minutes of private tumbling. I might have to ultimate those calf raises next week.

4.41 mile run.

I started doing my short runs during the week for time rather than distance. This run was a 40 minute run that I did at a 9:33/mile pace. I’m almost back to my speedy self and loving it!

3 hours of cheer.

This was an awesome practice! And the last practice of the summer. It’s bittersweet. We reached our summer goals and are ready to start choreography next week. Bring on the fall training and competition season! It’s about to get fiercer. (I didn’t think fiercer was a word but I didn’t get auto-corrected. So I can use that term without sounding illiterate!) The practice ended with a massive scratch across my back:

You can read more on that HERE.

3.1 mile run.

This workout hurt more than usual. Again, because of my tendons. I decided a slow run is better than injuring myself. I was wearing my shirt that makes me want to run hard but I tried to refrain from that.

This long weekend is all about hanging by the poolside, hitting some patios, and going to The Ex!

What are you up to this labour day weekend?

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