Last Summer Worlds Wednesday.

I’m seriously going to miss the summer edition of Worlds Wednesdays. Cheer practices have been amazing. We set high summer goals for ourselves and reached them all at last night’s practice.

One word: PUMPED.

All the hard work and battle scars are paying off. The most recent battle scar: doubling out of a stunt, being sweaty, and getting a ginormous scratch all across my back:

Sweat and blood together STINGS like a MOTHER. 
My base felt terrible but I didn’t even look at my back during practice and said, “Honestly, I bleed at EVERY practice. Don’t feel bad!”
Us cheerleaders are tough and we take A LOT of beatings. So many that I just remembered I took a beating on my jaw when I hit my thirds shoulder when I was doubling and I’m lucky to not have a bruised up face. 
Tom Hanks said, “There’s no crying in baseball!”In A League of Their Own. Well, I’m positive this is an unspoken rule in cheer. It’s extremely rare to see a cheerleader cry. Unless you get hit in the nose and your tear ducts just start flowing then look out for the water works! We are just a resilient breed and refuse to stop training for anything.   

After this three hour practice, I got home and downed my latest drink: a chocolate whey protein shake. That’s right, I started drinking these bad boys after hard cheer practices and long runs. And- I don’t hate them! I actually look forward to my shakes. They aren’t chalky, they taste good, and they come in Costco size! All around win. Bring on the 25g of protein, please!

Last night when I got home, I downed a glass with pretzels… Tell me that’s not weird.

The best part? Thursday’s I’m usually a goner. I’m dead and need about two cups of coffee before I can focus on a conversation with someone. Having my protein shake recovered my muscles and I was feeling alive in the morning. I’ll be shaking it all the time!

Our next practice will be in September. This means choreography, running full out, and being told “we will just do it one more time!” Which always means a minimum of ten more times. 92 days until Nationals. Competition season, I’m ready for you!

Is your fall training different from the summer?

What protein shakes do you drink?

Have you ever had a serious sports related injury? 

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