The Blissology Project

For the month of April, I have decided to take on “The Blissology Project.” This is a 4 week commitment to yoga, meditation, food awareness, gratitude, and a wild card that is a task to do that will change every week. I have downloaded the full daily yoga routines from the Blissology website and started with the “Weekend Metaphysical Yoga” routine today. I have decided that one day of meditation yoga is enough for me.

I have been practising yoga before the “Eat, Pray, Love” craze but I haven’t been one to do meditation. After reading the novel and watching the movie, I have grown into an appreciation for meditating. Although, I have never really given it shot. Unless lying on the mat at the end of my yoga practice is mediating, then yes, I have done it and love it.

I found The Blissology Project while shopping at Lululemon. The 6 disc DVD has 6 routines by the surfer and yogi  Eion Finn that targets different parts of the body for each day:

I have done Eoin’s “Power Yoga For Happiness One” and loved it but doing the same routines over and over can get extremely boring. But what I really like about the blissology project, is that it has a different workout for 6 days a week so it will be harder to get bored.

Stretching is also key for preventing injury and stretching muscles that usually don’t get stretched is a great way to become more flexible.

I’m pretty excited about this month’s challenge, I’m not even April fooling you!

Do you do yoga or meditate? 

Did you play an april fools prank on anyone or did you get punk’d? 

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