His hair was perfect and he had the perfect smile.

Tomorrow I’m running the Harry Rosen 8K and my goal is the same as ever. I want to look like this:

No, not the woman. That ridiculously photogenic guy. Look at that smile and his perfectly placed hair. Is it really possible to have race photos like that?! Zeddie Little, please teach me your ways! A random spectator at the Cooper River Bridge 10K in South Carolina took this picture, uploaded it to flickr and reddit and now it is viral and on so many memes! Tomorrow I will be a meme. Even though my past race photos have not been anywhere near as ridiculously good looking as this guy.Remember last year when I splashed myself with water in the face and the water volunteers laughed at me?

If I can’t be as speedy as I was last year and finish in 41:12.4 41:02.8, I just want a ridiculously good looking photo. Is that so much to ask for? It might be because I am obsessed with this jam and will probably be singing it out loud and trying to dance as I run tomorrow:

Do you have a ridiculously good looking race photo or am I the only one who doesn’t?

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