Nutrients and Supplements: WIAW

Today’s WIAW is filled with snacks, tea, and veggies. I’ve been fighting off a sickness the past three days so I’m more of in a snacking feel. Blending up my nutrients is the theme of the day. 

1. I started my day with a smoothie. The icy fruit really helps soothes a sore throat first thing in the morning! I followed that with some oatmeal filled with oat bran, flax, wheat germ, honey– you know, the usual. And my vitamins! A multi-vitamin, Fish Oil, Vitamin D, and 2 Cranberry Pills.

2. Last week my addiction was a mid morning bagel. This week I fell in love with a toasted muesli breakfast pita that is topped with strawberry jam and a side of Irish Cream coffee.

3. Tea, tea, tea! Everyone says that to me when I am sick and lucky for me, I love my tea. So I had some Chai tea with an apple.

4. When I’m sick, I can’t get enough of cheese on toast. I love it and I did not feel like a veggie sandwich. Something easy to go down is what I crave. I had a side of veggies in a bag to make sure my nutritional value was there with my mound of queso.

5. More tea! This time it was Orange Pekoe and a mix of non-salted and sated almonds.

6. Ok, I admit this one does not look pretty but it tastes SO good. There is something about homemade soup when your sick and when I’m making it while I’m sick- you better believe it’s PACKED with veggies. Just watching all the veggies, beans, and lentils going into the soup pot makes my immune system feel better.

7. After dinner it’s another cup of orange pekoe tea, a macaroon, and a few peanut m&m’s.

Here’s the thing, I am starting to think that I need to get more protein into my diet. My packed smoothies and usually my meat with dinner usually gets me the protein I *think* I need but I’m starting to think I should add some protein powder into my diet. So what do you think:

Do you use protein powders or supplements or do you think that you should get all your necessities through your food?

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