Week One Recap on the Road to WORLDS

I’ve decided to start doing a weekly recap of all my workouts. Since we got our bid to the cheerleading worlds workouts have amped up. We are at exactly where we wanted to be at this part of our season and in 34 days I will be at the ESPN Wide World of Sports in Disney World and cheering with the elite.


This was a sad day. On Sunday at cheerleading I was working on a new inverting basket and strained a muscle in my neck. It hurt SO bad. I was in minor when it happened and the next morning, my neck and upper back was completely tight. Advil and muscle cream were my best friends. You may have noticed my tweet about it:

And I’m crazy so I still tried to run on it. I got to 0.70 km’s and my neck was giving me grief so I started to walk. I picked up a jog again and got to 1.3 km’s and had to stop. I took three more steps in a jog and my neck was tight. So, I jogged and walked back home. 2.5 km’s later I was dunzo. The rest of the night I stalked blogs.


Became an unwanted rest day. Instead I went bikini shopping for worlds. Sounds about right doesn’t it?


It was a hot one! The weather is starting to heat up and I couldn’t love it more. It made my pace slow down but I can get use to it. I actually didn’t do a warm up with a stretch and I could start to feel it. I’m usually all about the warm-up but for some reason I just wasn’t feeling it. So, I did a 6.03 km run with an average pace of 5:37 min/km. Maybe if I stretched my muscles would have felt better.


The mosquitoes were out in full force and the sun was hotter. My legs started feeling heavy. I hate this feeling but I just repeating my mantra of the week, “I don’t stop when I’m tired, I stop when I’m done” and kept pushing through. My Garmin is loving the fresh air again:

I did a 4.01 km run with an average pace of 5:34 min/km. I’m not as speedy as last week but at least I’m running pain free! And coming home to dates with Mr. TENS:

Tomorrow is going to be a rest day because I can feel my feet getting tired and achy and I don’t want them to get mad at me. So, Saturday I’m going to go for an 8K.

Happy Friday friends!

How are you getting your sweat on this weekend? 

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