Riding the Smoothie Bandwagon!

Good morning friends!

I’m completely on the smoothie bandwagon. This is day three of having a smoothie every morning and I just can’t get enough! These delicious veg and fruit smoothies have actually replaced my morning coffee. Not completely because I haven’t gone that crazy but now I don’t have my coffee until about 9:30am. It gets crazier tough… I only drink half my cup of coffee. If you know me- this is just ludicrous!

So what am I drinking down this morning? A blubbery inspired glass of delicious!

Blueberry Blast Smoothie!


1/4 Cup of Orange Juice
1/4 Cup of Grapefruit Juice
100g Serving of Blueberry Yogurt
1/4 Cup of Fresh Strawberries
1 Cup of Mixed Frozen Fruit 
(I used blueberries, mangoes, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries)
1 Cup of Spinach 

Blend it all up and enjoy!  

Runner’s World has some great recipes for your different needs. I think I may have to try the “Crunchy Coffee Mix”. Check them out HERE! 

I also fixed my comments and went back to Disqus after Jenn was denied access to leaving a comment. So please leave me messages because I get them again!

Have you jumped on the smoothie bandwagon yet?

What’s the first drink you have in the morning?

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