Going Green On This WIAW!

I’ve been out of the loop with the fabulous Jen’s What I Ate Wednesday’s so I decided to post some of my eats. It works out well because I’ve been adding more greens into my meals so it’s pretty much perfect.

My favs about this one: the green for St. Patrick’s Day! Mainly because St. Patrick’s Day is MY BIRTHDAY! I was born on St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland, so it’s pretty much a give in that my favourite colour is also green.

This morning I did something brave. Seriously. I added spinach to my fruit smoothie.

Do you see that 1/2 cup of spinach at the bottom there? Yea, I did it! Does that count as my do something that scares you once a day? I have been looking at every one’s “green monster smoothies” and I just could not bring myself to try something with all that spinach. But seriously, I couldn’t taste any spinach at all and tomorrow I just might add a full cup of spinach! My next challenge: start adding protein powder into my smoothies. I’m just not getting enough protein for the amount of training that I do.

My mornings are still filled with my flax, wheat germ, and oat bran packed oatmeal, and coffee. 

My mid morning snack today is my latest obsession that really is not the healthiest for me. Montreal Style Bagels. I’m in love. They aren’t whole grained. They are really just starch. And I seriously can’t get enough of them:

Last night, I was not in the mood for cooking so I busted out a frozen pizza from the freezer and topped it off with all fresh veg, chicken, and you better believe my spinach was on there:

That came to work for me as lunch. Nom, nom, nom!

My afternoon snack? Mixed cup of veggies, please!

So, along with all the veg and healthy greens that I have in this post, I must be honest and say that a Guinness Cupcake has also gone with EVERY meal of mine throughout the last few days. They are TOO good. And were the cake to my birthday.

So yummy!

What’s your favourite smoothie? 

How do you get all your protein?! 

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