Super Foods of the Week!

This week has been a fun week of food for me. I’m making myself branch out again and make meals that I’ve never made before. It’s very Julie & Julia of me. Except instead of fancy french meals, it’s more of using soy, grains, and super foods in my meals.

I’m making a conscious effort to drink more soy milk. I started drinking soy milk because I read in a foods for cancer book, that soy can reduce the risk of getting skin cancer again by 99%. I decided to continue to my research and figure out why is everyone drinking soy these days?

Soy is also a moisturizer for your skin. It can soften out and smooth uneven skin tones as well as decrease oily skin and moisture other areas of your skin. Soy promotes collagen production and repairs elastin fibers to keep your skin firm and reverses the common signs of sun damage.

So, soy has been added as my cereal enhancer:

The cereal I picked up contains quinoa. Quinoa has turned into the A list celebrity of health foods for it’s superstar benefits:

  •  Quinoa is high in riboflavin. Which is amazing for people who get migraines. Riboflavin can aid and prevent headaches by transporting oxygen into your cells! Which is perfect for this rainy weather because that is when I always get headaches. 
  • Quinoa promotes healthy bone growth and contains all nine essential amino acids that are essential to developing muscle tissue. 
  • Quinoa is a complete protein and can be a substitute for whole grain rice.
Another food that I’ve added to my list this week? Hold your breath, it’s a Larabar. I’ve never had these delicious energy bars and decided to try the apple one pre-run with a cup of coffee:
It actually tasted like pie! I’m not sure if you know ho much I LOVE pie but I countdown to pie season and can easily eat an entire pumpkin pie to myself. I bought an entire Costco sized box and took one to cheerleading the next day. I’m in love. 
What are your super foods?! 

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