I’ve Been Crushed.

The AMAZING Race debuted its new season on Sunday and since I was at cheer, I had to wait until today to watch it. And I’ve been crushed… again. Ethan Zohn who won season three of Survivor: Africa ten years ago is on The AMAZING Race this season!

I had the biggest crush on him in 2001 and that crush came flooding back. Jenna Moraska is one lucky lady! And she is also his race partner. I am extremely jealous. Obviously, I am rooting for TEAM ETHAN & JENNA!

I mean really, how can you not fall in love with this guy after watching this Runner’s World video?!

Also, Page from Twenty-Six & Then Some is in the running to be on the Nike Women’s Marathon Crew!

VOTE for her, well, LOVE her HERE!
Are you on TEAM ETHAN & JENNA?! 

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