Challenge Accepted!

Today I went for a run and decided to just set my Garmin to a 20 minute workout. I was leaving my distance and goal pace at the door. I wanted that “I’m running to run” feeling. And I was pretty successful!

I took Julie Bowen’s advice and when I started going downhill, I let gravity pull my body to the bottom and didn’t try to control my pace. It was like being a kid again! I sped down that hill so fast and didn’t put any unnecessary strain on my body. If you aren’t doing that already, try it! It’s so fun and makes me want to run hills so that you can get that semi-free fall feeling after giving that hill your all on the way up.

I also decided to start doing Coach Cj’s weekly challenges. To be honest, they scare me. I think it’s because when you complete the challenge, you compare your results to other people instead of beating your own personal best. But in the end, I came out surprising myself and pushing myself harder and harder to achieve what I know would be my personal best because I gave it my all.

Here’s this weeks first challenge:

My score: a 10. I’m happy with it! And I’m pumped for the next challenge. Do one thing a day that scares you, right?

How do you challenge yourself?! 

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