Yesterday I ran the 10K ZOO Run and it was a blast! I didn’t take pictures during this run because I was too focused on not re-injuring the tendons in the bottom of my feet with all of the hills so I took a tonne post-race!

My high school besties! Shannon, Sherene, Tasha, and Me! 

This was pre-race. I look half asleep but I promise you I was ready to go and I even had coffee!

I wish I took some more along the way I ran into amazing people from high school, university, cheerleading and the blog world. Why didn’t I take pictures with all of these people!?

As soon as we started to run into the zoo we went to Africa! And my iPod had some great timing because as soon I saw the “Africa” sign Shakira started singing, “Waka Waka, it’s time for Africa” Perfect. I laughed to myself. At this 2.5K check point my feet were in pain so I knew I wasn’t going to PR so I enjoyed the run. Even those hills that I crushed!

And then I saw these guys:

You would think flamingoes were quite and peaceful in the morning but too bad they were squawking and making the WEIRDEST noises as I ran passed them. They were angry birds. I tried to get a video of the sound when I went through the zoo afterwards but of course they weren’t cranky in the afternoon.

After my run, I went to meet up with mums before her 5K start! I also had to give her back her headphones because my Dr. Dre beats bud fell out somewhere before the gun went for my run. Only me. On my way there I saw Christina from The Athletarian. It was the first time we met and we only talked for a few minutes but she’s amazing, go check her out!

Mumsy running it in! Smile and all!

The best thing about running in the zoo is vein being able to have free admission to the zoo for the rest of the day! And this was mummy’s first trip to the Toronto Zoo EVER so we walked around and saw all the animals. And ate BeaverTails. Another first for mumsy. Best refuel ever.

The Penguins were the cutest. I had to video them because this guy looked like he was shaking everything his mama gave him:

Afterwords I read a sign that said he was trying to shake off al the salt on him from the water. I think I will try that post run from now on so that I don’t taste like a salt lick!

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