Friday’s Confession: Never Grow Up and Marry You.

Today’s confession, I want to have an Easter Egg Hunt. That’s right. I love the idea of going and hunting for chocolate eggs even though I’m told I’m not 4 years old anymore. Really though? Why do I have to miss out on the fun because I am 25? That’s just not fair. So, I decided if no one will make me an egg hunt I will have to make my own. I found a delicious recipe for Easter Hunt Cookies- Egg’s In The Grass on Dana’s blog MADE. And look how delicious these little guys turned out:

Easter Hunt Cookies 

I’m warning you- you will want to sneak a lot of the cookie dough as you are making these and may gain about 10 pounds like I did. Just kidding. But I did eat a tonne of them! PB is perfect protein, right?  

Another tip: you might want to use good food colouring. I just used the tiny cheap ones from the grocery store and I ended up using the entire tube and they weren’t a bright green grass colour like Dana had. 

They were pretty bright green when they went into the oven but when they came out, they did have some golden brown and a darker green. I guess that is what the grass looks like now though. 

I also used Mini Eggs instead of Easter m&m’s. Mainly because I couldn’t find them anywhere in the grocery store. 

Yea, I got caught licking the spoon when the first batch was in the oven.

In my defense- I just got back from boot camp and let’s face it– I looked like a sweaty mess. Who am I kidding? I still would have done this. And every time I eat so much batter that I don’t really want the cookies when they come out of the oven. I just never learn. 

I also have Royal Wedding Fever at the moment. I would like to blame TLC. The catchy commercials with Bruno Mars’ song Marry You is just too addicting. I listen to this song about a million times a day on repeat. 

And just to pull my heart strings even more– CNN will be covering the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton with hosts Anderson Cooper, Piers Morgan, and Cat Deeley. I think I am about to confess that I just might be up at 4am watching the Royal Wedding on TV. Only because my invite got lost in the mail of course. Now I am forced to watch it in my comfies on my couch snuggled with a latte.  

I forgive you Will and Kate. 

Thank you TLC for making me fall in love with this song as well:

Here’s another confession: I could be running to a royal playlist soon. 

Happy Earth Day Friends! 

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