Call Me Vein.

Thank you for clicking “follow” friends!! You guys are ahhh-maaay-ziing! I know this because I stalk your blogs whenever I have a free moment.

I decided to document just how hot and sweaty I get after a run by documenting some before and after pictures for you. Yes, I do kind of feel like a Jenny Craig ad model. But wait until you see the after shot!

Let’s start with the before:


 Not too bad, right? I had to tame my bangs with a hair band and I look pretty ready for a run. I went for a 7K and had to slow my pace down because my food was not digested in my stomach. Ugh, I hate that feeling. So, I went with it and yet again it was so hot running the t-mill. When I got to the locker I saw this beauty looking at me:


Yes, that is quite the attractive face. Seriously, do you see it?! I have two veins that decided to come out and play after my run. And, they are in the shape of a “V”. I felt just like my fav, Kristin Chenoweth. Apparently we both get blood rushing to our head sometimes.

Kritin Chenoweth

I’d like to think of it as my body telling me that I had a great workout but really it’s just because I have a veiny forehead. You really do learn something new everyday!

For this run I didn’t pick a playlist. I just put my ipod on a jukebox shuffle starting with Dolly’s 9 to 5 and off I went.

The Playlist
9 to 5- Dolly Parton
Magahlena- Sergio Mendes
Your House- Jimmy Eat World
Basket Case- Green Day
Learn To Fly- Foo Fighters
Driving Me Crazy- Sam Adams
I’m Real- Jennofer Lopez

Cool Down/Stretching
You’ve Got You- Eric Hutchinson
Dancing With Myself- Glee Cast

Stats of the Run
Distance: 7.01 km
Pace: 4:30 min/km
Incline: 1%

Nike+ is having a mileage contest over 30 days! For every km clocked, different companies will donate $10 to $100 to Japan! Join me in the challenge HERE!

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