Just Call Me Popeye!

I have been trying to put some more leisurely activities into my day so that I make myself sit and relax. So, I did some reading. (Yes, I’m still reading The Time Traveler’s Wife– unbelievable, I know! It’s not that I’m not liking it. I just don’t make enough time to read anymore. I know, I have to make time.)
After having my morning coffee and some reading I did a bit of sewing. I really don’t make enough time to sew anymore either. I think it’s time to make a google calendar and put these activities into action. It was so nice to just stitch rip a hem. A hem. Those use to be the least of my favourite things to do but yesterday it felt relaxing and fun. So, I will go to my sewing room, play some music and get creative more often.  

And then it was lunchtime. Spoiler: Here’s where I turn into Popeye!With a windchill of -20 Degrees Celsius all I want is soup lately. So, I found a spinach soup recipe. (Spinach! Of all things. You can really make anything into soup.) So, I did. And it was deeeelicious! And soup-er easy to make. haha I made a lame joke.  
After gaining some energy, I downed a coffee and decided it would be a great idea to hit the T-Mill. Today was a long run day and even though my body was feeling drained, I decided to go through with it anyways. I had some help with my friends Vampire Weekend.
The Vampire Weekend Playlist
Mansard Roof- Vampire Weekend

Oxford Comma- Vampire Weekend
A-Punk- Vampire Weekend 
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa- Vampire Weekend
M79- Vampire Weekend 
Campus- Vampire Weekend
Bryn- Vampire Weekend
One (Blake’s Got a New Face)- Vampire Weekend
I Stand Corrected- Vampire Weekend
Walcott- Vampire Weekend
The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance- Vampire Weekend

The album ended and I need some more tunes so, I put on some Beatles to keep me going:
Back In the USSR- The Beatles
Getting Better- The Beatles 
Helter Skelter- The Beatles  
Cool Down and Stretching
Here Comes The Sun- The Beatles
Stats of the Run
Distance: 10.26 km
Pace: 4:11 min/km
Incline: 1%
At the end of the run I decided to sprint the last kilometer. In the last RW mag, I read that you should push yourself to sprint right at the very end where you feel like you can’t go anymore so that on race day you can keep pushing yourself through. Ahh muscle memory, you are a treat. And so was my much needed food and a good night’s sleep after this run. I refuse to get this “second flu” that is going around. Once was enough thank you!

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