Goodbye Winter Blues!

Latley I have been feeling really tired. Like overly tired. I’m not sure if I am being affected by SAD, or I need to pop Vitamin D pills because I miss the sun… or if I am getting that second round of the flu that is coming around. (I’m hoping it’s one of the first two options.) Inorder to not over-exhaust my body I took an unexpected day off from running.

Nine West Beauties

As I was laying like a slug on my couch hoping to feel better I decided I should probably do some laundry and clean out my room. That clean out ended up lasting a lot longer then I anticipated. I ended up saying goodbye to my clothes that I never wear, stilletos that I forget hurt my feet and regretably wear them out dancing, and some old books. Then I took on the daunting task of cleaning out my desk. I shredded every document that I don’t need along with all the stationary that I don’t use. One garbage bag later I was feeling lighter, and much better about those winter blues. It feels SOOO good to purge. And so good to look at your pretty purchases like my Nine West beauties that I can’t wait to break in. C’mon summer, you can do it! Too bad, it’s -20 Degrees Celcius at the moment. Ahhh Well! A girl can dream! 

Winter blues, you are gone just like all the other useless items I just gave away!

It’s time for my killer boot camp lady tonight. You better believe I just ate some more spinach soup to prepare. C’mon Popeye muscles, don’t let me down!

I also came across this great quote today:

“Take a breath, run a mile. Just believe and do it with a smile.” Unknown

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Winter Blues!

  1. I fell in love with them the second I saw them. (The crazy boxing week sale just tempted me even more to buy them!)

    I feel like a tonne of weight has lifted from me since I did the BIG clean. It's amazing!

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