Movin’ On Up, With A 1% Incline!

So, lately I have been runnin’ the t-mill with a 1% incline but I have been failing to mention it to you until now. You guessed it– I have the “holiday busy” and the “holiday flu” excuse! But– I’m back! And movin’ on up physically, mentally… yea, yea, you get it I’m trying to be all “thoughtful for the new year”. But the last few runs have been fantastic! And I’ve been trying to think of resolutions for the new year but none really came to mind until last night. I realised that I have been reading “The Time Traveller’s Wife” for the last few… months. I know, shameful right?! I’m usually a fast reader and I love to read. My “need to read” pile has also grown very large. So large that they no longer can sit on my night table to be the next one to read because they are resting on my bookshelf. Possibly hibernating for the winter. (I hope not.) So, I promised myself that I will start to read every night for about half an hour before bed. Now, that I said that– I have to do it.

So, back to running. I got an e-mail from Disney today about the Disneyland Half Marathon on September 4th and I’m actually pretty keen on this idea. Another magical run but through a different castle? I think so! It’s just a thought right now but I would LOVE to do another Disney run! (This time not after a 2 week vaca at the magical place). HA! My bad!

Alot of friends have been asking me how I find my motivation to run. Well friends, today I started with a hilarious song to get me going. I would like to thank The Lonely Island and Akon (and especially another crush of mine: Andy Samberg) for this gem:


Running 6.3 KM has never been funner. Yea, I said it. Funner. Following this song I started lip syncing to Stadium Love by Metric. I’m pretty sure I put on a show for everyone at the gym. Your welcome gym friends!

The Tonight I’m… Playlist
I Just Had Sex- The Lonely Island feat. Akon
Stadium Love- Metric
Dog Days Are Over- Florence + The Machine
Tonight (I’m F**kin’ You)- Enrique Iglesias
Hello (Single Edit)- Martin Solveig & Dragonette
Stuttering- Fefe Dobson
Erase Me- Kid Cudi & Kanye West

Cool down/Stretching
Grenade- Bruno Mars

Stats of the Run
Distance: 6.31 km
Pace: 4:10 min/km

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