Cowbell and Bieber?! I have THE fever!

It’s true. As you know, Somebody to Love by the Biebs has been on a few of my playlists now and I think I’m ready to admit– I have Bieber Fever. I’ve always enjoyed his catchy beats but after watching this little treat– I may have fallen into a school girl all over again. Much like that time I fell for Hanson in elementary school. MMMBop indeed!


He’s just rockin’ out with the drums and the cowbell. Maybe I wish that was my swagga playin’ the awesome beat and that’s why I got the fevs? All I know for certain is that if I could download this song- it would be on my newest playlist in a second! Too bad I can’t. I tried. But don’t be surprised if you see more Biebs on my playlists. And I’m very sorry in advance to anyone who may catch this fever from me. And if you are just laughing at me for liking JB- you’re welcome for the ab workout!

Baby, Baby, Baby Ohhhh…..

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