Tunes for Tuesday!

I love when spring comes around and you can breakout your flats and everyone around you just seems so much happier because they know that summer is almost here. And along with that- fun, new music always comes onto the scene! Although with spring comes the “chance of rain” days. I had one of those days where I scheduled a long run. I checked The Weather Network and they told me the rain has been called off. So, I left this note as I headed out the door:

I was pumped up and ready to run with my new favourite playlist. I was loving my life as I rocked out to T-Pain–

And then I hit the 3K mark. I heard thunder. I may have said, “awwww sheet!” Except, I didn’t say sheet.

Running through a park with thunder is not my idea of fun. Because when thunder is heard, you can almost guarantee that there will be lightning. I was listening out for more thunder while making alternate routes to ensure I was safe during my run. I did have 13 more kilometers left on the agenda but I was prepared to cut it short. When I hit the 5K mark, the rain started to come down harder and I didn’t feel too crazy being out in the downpour because there were other runners out there with me. And then I thought, “maybe we are just all crazy?”

I got to the point where I was 400 meters away from home and then I saw it. Lightning. I bolted home. Ha! Bolted. But seriously, I was sprinting. My run ended at 7.54 km.

I hate when you have a really great stride and you are cut short for reasons that you can’t even control. The crazy part was- I kept saying, “maybe the thunder and lightning will stop and I can get back out there– now.” It definitely did not end. So, I let it go and drank some choclate milk and called it a day for running.

Now the challenge is: to fit in more long runs throughout my week to make up for it.

Dear Spring,

I have a love/dislike relationship with you sometimes. But mainly it’s all love. Until you thunderstorm on my long run days.

The Spring Fling ’11 Playlist
Best Love Song- T-Pain feat Chris Brown
Next To You- Chris Brown feat. Justin Bieber
Under Cover of Darkness- The Strokes
Juliette- Hollerado
Howlin’ For You- The Black Keys
The Stand- Mother Mother
Fixed To Ruin- Sam Roberts
I’m With You- The Stills
Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)- Katy Perry