Run A Marathon? Maybe a Half-sie!

So, I have been asked alot lately “What marathons do you run?” and it’s always a favourite when a stranger comes up to your treadmill and says, “I just have to ask, are you a runner?” Then I ask myself, “Marathon? That’s 44km, isn’t it?” and “Really you came over to ask me that while I am sweating unattractively and trying to catch my breath after reaching 15k?” Awesome!

After consideration, I have decided to seriously run a half-marathon. A half-marathon is a marathon just a half-sie…. yep, that’s 22k! The longest I have run is 17k but- I’m ready to take that challenge. After watching countless episodes of The Buried Life you realize that it’s really easy to scratch off #47 on your list. It’s really not #47 on my list but that’s because my list has been in my head and this is the first time I have written it down. So, I guess that makes this #1 on my buried life list. Here’s to crossing it off!

I also get asked alot what I listen to when I run and how I can I possibly keep running after 2k. That’s where the blog comes in. I will post my favourite songs, albums, my ups and downs of my runs as I prepare for my race to the finish line. I haven’t decided which run I will be my first half-marathon. Afterall, it’s a big decision in a girl’s life! But- I will keep you posted when I do!

Get ready for some hilarious stories on the embarrassing things I manage to do on almost every run. It’s gonna be as amazing as Simon Pegg in Run Fatboy Run. No seriously, you’ll laugh at me. I laugh at myself everytime without fail!