Relaxing the Run.

On Friday I decided I really needed a good stretch and time to relax my mind. So, I pulled out my Yoga mat and decided to work my hips. As soon as I placed both of my feet on the mat and looked straight ahead– my berry started to go off. Amazing. So, I turned it to silent and tried again. 15 minutes later, my land line rang. At least, I managed to stay calm and not be annoyed by the technology around me. I turned everything on silent and went back to the downward dog just to find that my cat had started practicing yoga right on the edge of my mat. Lucky for him, I’m small and could use the rest of the mat to finish my workout while he caught up on his zzz’s.  
After saying “namaste” I thought about doing some weights but I decided against the idea. I started feeling as tired as my little cat Gus. So, I said good day. 
Last week I bought the new Taylor Swift album, “Speak Now” along with the other million people in the world.  And she really beat my expectations with this album. The idea of writing an album based on the idea of not saying exactly what you want to say in a given moment is something that everyone goes through. The fact that T Swift can do it with such class is applause able. There are times when I really wish I could just say what I am thinking but in the moment you just don’t even know what to say until you reflect a situation, ponder your thoughts and say, “Why did I shut up and sit still?” Everyone does it, I think? And this is where running comes in handy. I decided that you can’t dwell on situations and you just have to take chances and jump. Sometimes you might fall but there are many people who will be right there to catch you.
So, I suited up with my pants, a hoody, a pair of gloves, and grabbed my new generation six ipod nano. Which, I am in love with. The touchscreen, the ability to put on the radio and to make playlists anytime I want on my ipod. And it’s soooo small and clips on to anywhere! It’s ahhhh-maaay-ziiing! Love. Love. Love it!

I started looking for my nike+ sensor but couldn’t find it anywhere. So, I gave up, put on my running shoes, filled up my water bottle and just went out to run. I didn’t even care how far I was going, what my speed was, all I wanted to do was run with my thoguhts. And that’s exactly what I did.

I started out with Taylor Swift’s Mine. I swear Taylor and I would be best friends if we knew eachother because we seem to have the same mindset. For starters, this is why Taylor wrote Mine:
“Lately I’ve had this bad habit of running away from love. Kind of getting to the place where it’s about to commit, and then you just, like, run in the opposite direction. “Mine” is about the idea that I could find someone who would be the exception to that, someone who would be so sturdy and so much of a sure thing that I wouldn’t run from it. Sometimes I look back on a lot of examples that I’ve seen of love, long term, and a lot of times it doesn’t work out. There are goodbyes and people get really hurt, so I tend to be a little ‘run-awayish.’ But I’m never past hoping that at some point that could change.”
Ohhhh Taylor! How she writes the words of my heart. And she somehow has the courage to let the entire world into her heart in one album. So, I ran to the entire Speak Now Deluxe Version album. Tears may have formed in my eyes while I was running or it was the cold wind- who can say? Either way, it was a great run that didn’t feel like work.
My run lasted 15 km’s (I know this from my past runs with my nike+ sensor). And I could have kept running but I thought about how I probably didn’t have enough food in my system to burn anymore energy. So, I stopped. Wise choice.

To my NYC Marathon friends, I hope you had an amazing run today!

The Speak Now Playlist

Sparks Fly
Back to December
Speak Now
Dear John
The Story of Us
Never Grow Up
Better Than Revenge
Last Kiss
Long Live
If This Was A Movie
Cooldown/ Stretching
Back To December (Acoustic)
Haunted (Acoustic Version)
Mine (Pop Mix)

Stats of the Run
Distance: 15 km

Time: 1.5 hours

Three Minute Workout

OK, here’s where you go, “Pardon you, Siobhan?! Like that will do you ANY good!” But seriously! A three minute workout everyday can make you a stronger runner and prepare yourself mentally for a great sleep or a bright start to your day!

I read in Runner’s World that by working your abs for at least 15 minutes a week will make you a stronger runner. By busting out your crunches, planks, and full on sit ups for 3 minutes a day and 5 times a week, you are prepping your body to be just as fit as Spiderman for your next run. The best part? It`s only 3 minutes! But if you are feeling adventurous, why not do it longer? What is the worst thing that is going to happen?! So, put on your favourite jam and rock it out because you will probably still be jamming along to your song when you are done! Perfect, right?

Sometimes I like using the variations of workout exercises that Roxy Athletix uses. And they also have a Free Download of the Week so you can build up your music library! Amazing!

I like to do my little quickie before bed. Others may argue that they can`t workout before sleeping because the don`t get a good nights rest. I actually find it relaxing. My muscles tend to tense up during the day and I notice how stiff they are before going to bed. Loosening up my muscles allows for my body to find it`s groove in the mattress and for my head to feel clear.

Another tip: get rid of anything that blinks or glows green (like Blackberry`s, iPhone`s, and alarm clocks) in your room. The light interferes with your circadian system and disrupts your sleep. If you get rid of them, you will wake up with an energy boost. Give it a try!

For those of you who refuse to workout before you sleep- why not make it a morning routine? Moving your muscles first thing in the morning helps to stimulate your brain and wake you up before you grab your java!

Who knew three minutes could be so productive?