My Rest Day: Murder at The Juice Joint

I love my rest days. I love them so much that I had to do double the burpees (81) on Sunday after a 3 hour cheer practice because I love having one day completely workout free. So what did I do on my day off? 

I got my hair done in the morning and made a 1920’s flapper costume in the afternoon, and headed to an amazing murder mystery party in the evening! 
Last month, Tash and Eric sent me an invite to the “Murder at the Juice Joint” event. I got my character card which told me I was “Dina Diva” the singer at the local Juice Joint bar that was hosting a special event. I am planning on singing all night to impress Hal Hollywood who is casting for his upcoming film but a mob boss’ girlfriend is coming and she is also up for the role. I was told to have smokey eyes, a curled bob, a short dress, and a boa. Enclosed with my character description was an outline of all the other characters that were coming to the party. 
My friends are beyond amazing and we stayed in character the entire time. I was from Jersey and yelled obnoxiously the entire night with an ex-mob boss’ girlfriend “Flora.” We changed her name to “Flora the Whora” and the night just got more and more ridiculous as we carried on. Throughout the night we opened envelopes with character objectives, sentences we had to say to different characters, and money to buy secrets from others. 
I wasn’t the murderer and I didn’t die. But for dramatic effect, I had to point the gun in the picture above. We all stayed in character for a good 6 hours. It was a hilarious night and we are already thinking about the next murder mystery party. We are thinking Vegas, Compton, or Cowboy. 
Best. Rest day. Ever. 81 burpees the next day? Totally worth it. Although, I did get a black eye. 
If you host a murder mystery party, please invite me. I did tie for Best Actor with Flora the Whora so I can promise you a good show! 😉 

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