Wenger Eco Bottle Review

If it’s one thing us athletes need it’s hydration! And let’s be honest, I can’t get enough of sports bottles.

Erica over at Wenger (maker of the Swiss Army Knife) sent me over two eco water bottles to test out:

The red one is an 800ml with a sports cap and the white one is a 650ml with a twist off wide mouth cap:

Here’s what makes the eco-bottle different from other sports bottles:

And then it was time for the true test: a night out at cheer and crossfit.

Both bottles travelled with me and got put through my 3 hours of intense training. Here’s what I love about the Wenger eco-bottles:

  • Their size. I love that they are 650ml and 800ml while keeping their thin frame. They are easy to transport and I’m getting SO much water. Who has time to refill a water bottle during a 20 second water break?
  • They are aluminum so they don’t have that gross smell that stainless steel tends to carry off. 
  • I like that the “dualtop” that came with my white bottle. The option to not use the “wide mouth” while drinking is beyond perfect for me. I am not the classiest girl when it comes to wide mouth bottles and I ALWAYS manage to spill on my self. This size makes me look like a classy Kate Middleton:
  • The dualtop is perfect to take a quick gulp from on the sidelines, your yoga mat, or office desk. 
  • These little guys are health and earth friendly. BPA and Phthalate free? Yes, please!

What I didn’t love about the Wenger eco-bottles:

  • The “sporttop” is designed for you to drink it in it’s upright position. When I have a sports top I like to throw my head back dramatically and chug my water like a pro football player. I can’t help it, we all have habits. I found that when I drank out of the bottle in an upright position, I didn’t get enough water for the quick drink break that I had. Because I also throw my head back while running this bottle isn’t ideal for my treadmill workouts. 
The Wenger bottle is an awesome addition to my hydration station. It’s easy to carry by it’s top handle and perfect for my foam rolling sessions. You can read more about Wenger on their website. 
Do you prefer a wide mouth water bottle or a sports top? 

Are you like me and manage to spill all down yourself? Please lie to me and stay yes to make me feel better. 

**Wenger did send me these products for free in exchange for a review. As always, Wenger was not guaranteed a positive review and all the opinions stated are my own. 

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