Week ONE of 26.2 … and I got a ticket.

This was week one of my marathon training. You read that right. I’m ready to go 26.2.

To track my progress I will be making a weekly post dedicated to my strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully the strengths will surpass the weaknesses.

6 mile run.

That’s another thing, I’ve switched from tracking my runs in kilometres to miles. This is mainly because if I’m planning going to run a marathon, I don’t want to have to count up to 42. That just seems ridiculous. 26.2 — not as crazy.

This was the longest run I have had in a while. I think the last time I ran this distance may have been at the zoo run because I have been getting my tendons back to normal. I’m not gonna lie, it was a tough run. There was definitely walking involved and I managed to run through the wall at the 5 mile mark. And I blame the wall for giving me this running violation ticket:

2 mile run.

This was an easy run. Not just because it was low mileage but because it was actually a fun short run. I was feeling good and whizzing through it. These runs always help in the training process because after doing a strenuously long run that doesn’t always go so well, you get a little pick me up that gets your spirits lifted again.

Rest day.

Private Tumbling, Cheer Team Practice & CrossFit.

Private tumbling was a good session. For some reason I’m cutting off my jumps before my rotations which I am really hoping isn’t from killing my calves from running. Luckily, I have an awesome coach who gave me a workout schedule for working on my vertical (aka a killer calf workout to become the next basketball star at my 4’9″ height). I will be incorporating that into my training schedule that keeps continuously changing. I’m ok with that. I just need a good calendar program that is easy to change and print out. What do you use?

During my team practice I realized my posture needs to be fixed. My jumps would look so much higher and prettier if I straightened my back during toe touches. When did I become so lazy? I think it’s because I have become accustomed to slouching. Brutal. Sitting in an office chair when your feet can’t even reach the ground will do that to a girl!

CrossFit was amazing. I tested my own strength and showed myself once again that I am stronger than I think I am. Incase you missed the post yesterday, I’m a machine and dead lifted more than my weight! Seriously. Read about it HERE!

Serious Stretch and Foam Roll.

I say serious stretch because at every workout I stretch. My serious stretch focuses on flexibility so that all the muscle I’m gaining from running and strength training won’t interfere with how gumby I have to be for cheerleading. However, I like to watch Snooki & Jwoww and TMZ when I foam roll and stretch. You will probably never take me serious again.

Usually the only time I take out my foam roller is if I am feeling sore in a particular muscle but dedicating time to foam roll is like having a serious massage. It feels SO good and having a foam roll day after a 3 hour training night is just perfect. I need to start pulling out my foam roller and stretch while watching TV more often.

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What are your plans for the last weekend of August? Any fun fitness plans?

How insane does that sound? Last weekend of August?! I will be kicking it off with a dentist appointment followed by a trip to the farmers market and soaking up the sun!

Do you use recovery drinks? Any good suggestions? 

I am a chocolate milk girl but if I keep increasing my mileage I think I’m going to need to get even more protein into my body. I’m not sure what the best ones to use are. Please help a girl out with this one!

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