GLOSSYBOX Review & Giveaway!

GLOSSYBOX is a genius way to testing out products without having the pressure of sales people pushing you to buy their beauty items or the dreaded finding a new product on a shelf, paying full price for it and end up hating it when you get home.

With GLOSSYBOX, you get 5 samples delivered straight to your door and some months you may find a bonus sixth item in your pretty pink package! In Canada, a monthly subscription is $15 and in the US it’s $21/month.

Lucky for me, Emily sent me my very own GLOSSYBOX to test out and share with you!

I was beyond excited when I opened the regular brown shipping box and found a cute pink box with tissue paper and a ribbon. It’s a classy touch. I untied the bow to find an envelope with a card that stated  what all the goodies in my box were, how much the item is sold in stores for, and a short description of each product.

Once I got home from my run I was ready to test out the products:

Cover Girl Flipstick- Blendable lip duo

I was sure I was going to fall in love with this product but the problem was the colour “minx” just doesn’t go with my fair skin. The brown colour and gold shimmer combo made me look like I was trying to be a gold mannequin in a JLo music video. The pictures actually make me sound like a liar, but in person it was a big old mess:

I’m not sure if I will ever use this colour so one of my tanned friends just might be getting a slightly used gift. Because I don’t like to be disappointed, I moved on to the next product:

Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz

Beach wave hair is my favourite. I always get the best beach waves when I’m actually at the beach so I thought my salty post run hair would turn into beautiful waves after scrunching my new full sized dry stage Wella in it. I couldn’t be more wrong:

I decided it would be best to have a shower and test out all of my products while having a beauty night.

I showered, dried my hair, and tested out all my products. (The Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz happened last but since I already showed you that it doesn’t work after a run, I will fill you in on it now). This time, I did use the proper technique that accompanied the bottle:


Spray Wella Professionals Ocean Spritz Beach Texture Hairspray on to dry hair then twist into a low ponytail, winding hair back on itself, ending with a bun, pinned into place.

Dry hair thoroughly, using a diffuser, then switch the temperature to cool to ‘set’ the hair 
Remove pins, unwind hair, then using your fingers, work through to add texture and break up the waves, leaving hair with a beautiful wavy textured style. 

I am really happy with the way these waves turned out! The waves actually look like I was lazing at the beach all day while being a “professional beach bum.” If only that were actually true. I will definitely be using Wella on my lazy hair days! It’s just so quick and easy to do.

Gillette Venus Embrace Razor

I am not going to lie to you, I’m a razor snob. I have to have a razor that gets the job done and doesn’t leave bumps, ingrowns, or extra hairs behind. And the Venus Embrace does not disappoint! When you’re running and your legs touch, you will only feel smoothness. It gets my seal of approval! This shave really is fit for a goddess.

Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser 

Those of you that know me know that I can get pretty lazy with washing my face. I know, I shouldn’t be and I love the feeling of a smooth clean face and obviously my skin is something that I must look after. So, after my shower it was all about mission: face.

I scrubbed my face, towelled off, and I usually immediately put moisturizer on. There is nothing I hate more than a stiff feeling face but to my surprise, my skin wasn’t feeling tight at all. It felt pretty smooth and my face always looks red after I wash it. The next day, my skin felt smooth I don’t know if it was solely from the cleanser or if the following products helped out.

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips  

This one came as a one time use sample. And here’s the truth- I’ve never attempted to clean my pores before. I took out the strip and made myself look extremely attractive and waited 10-15 minutes for the strip to pull up anything gross from my nose:

Once the time was up, it was time to pull it off. I’m not gonna lie, it hurt the scar on my nose to remove the strip. For this reason, I’m not sure if I will want to continue to use them but they did make my nose smooth and it took off some dirt so I can’t complain about that!

Next up…

Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Resolution Complex

You would think, “Hey, Siobhan! You are only in your twenties! Why do you need a wrinkle resolution complex?” Well, I like to make funny faces and those have caused wrinkles in my forehead. I wish I was kidding. So, it’s probably pretty fitting that this came in my Glossybox. I’m not sure if it’s working because I only used it once so far but it sure did make my face feel smooth! The downside is that it’s only a sample size. I will have to keep you posted and let you know if my wrinkles laugh marks disappear.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen SPF 55

When it comes to sunscreen, I have tried them all. I would pretty much call myself an expert in the field. I used to apply Neutrogena Ultra Sheer religiously and my face hated it. My skin started to sting and get irritated by the stuff. But I do love that this came in a tiny travel size so it’s perfect for your purse so that if you have an emergency case and need your SPF, it’s right there for you! If I use it in small amounts, my skin doesn’t mind it.

Overall, I loved my summer filled Glossybox! And- I was lucky enough to get a box with a bonus in it! For $15 you can’t go wrong. Especially because I love the Wella Ocean Spritz and that alone sells for $16.99 in stores. If you are a beauty product lover like myself, I’m sure you will fall in love with getting a little pink box every month!

And Emily is giving you the chance to get the latest Glossybox delivered to your door! All you have to do is enter below:

**This contest closes on Wednesday August 28th, 2012 at 12:01 am and the winner will be announced on Wednesday August 28th, 2012. Glossybox did send me these products for free in exchange for a review. As always, Glossybox was not guaranteed a positive review and all the opinions stated are my own. 

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