I’m Back From the London 2012 Olympics!

One of my life dreams has been to go to the summer olympics. For months I have been playing with the idea of going to London but never took it seriously until two weeks before the events started. 
It got serious when I found a cheap flight, my family lives there and I rarely get to see them, and my friend Jason was competing in the olympics for his second time. Those three things got me to fly by myself across the Atlantic Ocean. 
Best. Decision. Ever. 
While soaking in London2012, I made the most of it. I went everywhere, did everything and blocked out the whole “Jet lag” … which kicked me in the butt when I got home. Obviously worth it. 
 I ran the marathon finish line at Buckingham Palace: 

Swung by Wimbledon for a match:

Took a beach day at Brighton by the Sea:

I had a visit with Will and Kate at The Westminister Abbey where they got married:

Had a few pints with some international olympic friends:

Cheered on Jason at the North Greenwich Arena:

And listened to the bells of Big Ben chime:
The atmosphere in London was unbelievable. Everyone was willing to help you with any directions you needed. Which I didn’t really need because I quickly became a pro at the tube, trains, and trams. It really was transportation at it’s best! And let’s not forget the Mercedes Benz cabs that I got some nights.  
The entire city was going crazy for the olympics. Every time you passed a TV, the events were on. Giant screens were put up so you could sit and have a few pints while watching the events and scream for your favourite olympians. My mornings were filled with tea and crumpets while watching the BBC Olympic Morning coverage. I was in heaven. 
And everyone in London was incredibly friendly. Even just going on the train I met a Great Britain sprinter with relatives from where I live (crazy, right?) and a cheerleader who moved to England from Japan. 
The night life was unreal. There were people from ALL over the world at the bars and keeping with true olympic fashion– they were all incredibly fun. 
The weather was perfect. I got caught in the rain twice but it only poured for about 5 minutes both times and there were 30 degree days. I got lucky and I loved it.
It was 12 days of watching the olympics and seeing all the sights and literally zero days of working out.  This is the first vacation I have had in a LONG time that I wasn’t waking up and going for a workout. I didn’t hate it. 
I can’t wait for Rio 2016 and if you get the chance, you should meet me there!  

Have you ever been to the olympics?

This was my first time and definitely will not be my last!
Have you ever taken a spontaneous trip by yourself?

This was the first time I have ever flown by myself or taken a spontaneous trip and I’m SO glad I did. Carpe Diem, friends! 

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