Featured in a New Music Video and Saying Goodbye.

The passed week I have been on an emotional roller coaster of impromptu crying. I wish I was kidding.

Not eating healthy foods and my lack of working out definitely played a huge role. Saying goodbye to one of my favourite people because they decided to go and teach in Taiwan for a year– that wasn’t easy. You would think I would be use to it by now seeming as my friends keep deciding to leave me for the beautiful beaches in Australia to do law school, become professors, or just to travel. The truth is, it doesn’t.

So, we gave Petey a going away beach bash! A day at the beach will guarantee you some jump pictures:

And of course, a two minute video montage documenting your entire beach bash. Spoiler alert: at 1:19 Pete got asked to be in a music video. It got shot right then and there.

Since I know all about moving, I gave Pete going away gifts that were wrapped in Taiwan maps. There’s the subway, the city, and a treasure map.

Wrapped up were books on how to speak Mandarin, compression socks for the 15 hour flight, and the staple to any big adventure, “Oh, the places you’ll go!” by Dr. Seuss on audio.
I can’t handle “see you soon!” visits anymore.

As for the not eating properly, my kitchen is being renovated. I mean completely renovated. New appliances, new counters, cupboards… ay yi yiii! 

The last two weeks I have been trying to eat healthy without a stove, granite, and proper appliances. Let me tell you– it’s hard. Veggies? What are those? Let’s just say, I haven’t eaten this bad since all night study sessions in University.

Today, this is what it looks like:

It’s almost there. More electrical work, some plumbing, and restocking the cupboards and I will be back to making delicious food again!

And that working out? Seriously slacking. I haven’t even made my July workout plan yet. Yea, it’s the 14th which might as well be halfway through the month.

I am out of my routine and my body hates it. Seriously, not eating properly and not getting my sweat on is bad for my mental health.

Tell me you guys go out of whack when your routine is off too! 

Have a fabulous weekend,

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