Fun, Food, and Fitness: WIAW

This month’s WIAW theme is all about fun, food, and fitness!

Before every workout I have a cup of coffee. Some people laugh at me when I tell them that and others think I’m just crazy. And then they try it and realize that it’s pretty genius.

Coffee wakes up your muscles and gets them ready to give you one fierce workout. Seriously. That’s why you always see me downing a cup before a run or carrying one into the gym. The best time to drink a cup of these glorious beans are within 20 minutes of your workout. On race days, I just drink my coffee when I feel like it. It’s not like I’m going to carry a thermos with me to the starting line. Especially because I don’t have a personal assistant to hold everything for me during races. I am accepting applications if you are interested though!

Larabars are a great light snack for me pre-run. Or a banana!

I actually have a thing for banana’s. I always have and I probably always will. Banana’s are a quick way to get energy up which makes them perfect for a go-to pre-workout snack.

Coach CJ’s challenge is up for this week! This one didn’t hurt as bad as last weeks ‘s but my legs definitely struggled through the rolling pistols the first time I tried it. That’s because my right leg is much weaker than my left which is surprising because in sports my left leg is dominant. So here it is:

As Many Reps As Possible in 10 Minutes:
One Rep:
10 Hand Release Push Ups
20 Rolling Pistols (Alternating Legs) 
30 Knee to Elbow Planks 

Now for some fun! This month’s playlists have started up again! Since it’s early in the month, these playlists aren’t full but you can check out my PLAYLISTS TAB for June’s Playlists if you want to pump up your playlists! 
July’s Workout Playlist:
July’s Cool Down Playlist:

Happy Fourth of July to my American friends!! 

What’s the last song you listened to?
All of the Lights- Kanye West

What’s your pre-workout snack? 
Coffee and a banana or Larabar

Are you a coffee lover? 
Yes, yes, yes! Every morning that cup brings a smile to my face!

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