Sunday, Run Day, Fun Day!

My workout schedule has gone a little cray this week. I added in workouts where I was suppose to rest and workouts where I was suppose to go out I didn’t because my muscles were sore. This week, cheer took a lot out of my body, I left cheer with some battle scars again and my foam roller became my best friend again:

Here’s a tip: if you are suppose to do a front inversion when you are thrown, it’s probably a good idea to not throw a back one.

Luckily, my bases caught me even though I scared the sh*t out of them. Every season I do something completely ridiculous in the air– all by accident, I promise you! And I really hope that was it for this season because if I were a base, I would be scared to throw someone whose body all of a sudden when backwards instead of forwards. You’ve gotta love when muscle memory kicks in and you pull skills from last season by accident!

But today it’s CANADA DAY! Which means, it’s a long weekend here in Canada!

Vancouver Olympics

Even though I am an Irish citizen, I love celebrating Canada! Last night I celebrated by seeing Magic Mike while sneaking in ice cream, popcorn, pretzel m&m’s, and water into the theatre:

Usually I carry a small satchel but us foodies know that theatre dates require a big purse with a zipper!

Today I will be going for a run, watching the Euro, and having a BBQ! I LOVE long weekends!


Who are you rooting for in the Euro?

Has muscle memory ever played a dirty trick on you?

Have you seen Magic Mike? What’d you think of it? 

Any fun long weekend plans?


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