Beast Mode? I think you mean Worlds Mode.

I am into week two of team practices with the fabulous ladies of Zodiac. Neon yellow is our team colour so we had the brightest practice EVER last night. And in true Siobhan fashion, I took my degree and used it to make this beauty:

This picture doesn’t do it’s justice. It might be time for me to upgrade to one of those fancy cameras. Any recommendations on one? I designed the shirt in a vintage style and made a twist on the #BeastMode craze. Working for a bid to The Cheerleading Worlds needs a lot of hard work, dedication, and drive. So naturally, I had to make my shirt look like it’s already been through our crazy workout regime. Here’s my design before it got the vintage effect:

The shirt was a hit! However this heat is RIDICULOUS. This may have been one of the sweatiest practices ever. I walked from the house to the car and I could already feel myself glistening. How hot was it? With the humidity it was 44ºC! For my American friends, that’s 111 ºF! I love the heat. It makes me feel like I’m beside an ocean. But, when you are getting your #WorldsMode on, it’s pretty disgusting to be gleaming before you even warm up. 

Sorry bases, I know you must love my liquid awesome all over you when you catch me! I’m sure they forgot about it when we all cooled off with popsicles at the end of practice. I would have a picture but I was too busy eating my cherry flavoured deliciousness and trying to avoid making puddles on the gym floor as it melted. Again, you can’t take me anywhere. 

How are you beating the heat?
I’m just embracing it! I can’t get enough of it! 

Do you like popsicles?

You might think this is a weird question but some people on my team don’t like ’em. I don’t get it. 

Please tell me you spill food on yourself all the time like I do. 

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